Does Stihl make a backpack sprayer?

Does Stihl make a backpack sprayer?

STIHL has a selection of manual and powered sprayers to meet your outdoor maintenance needs. Our sprayers provide excellent spraying coverage and our gasoline-powered backpack sprayer/duster can go from misting to dusting – and can also be used as a powerful leaf blower for easy cleanup.

How many gallons is the Stihl sg20?

4.75 gals
Hearing Protection

SG 20 Specifications – Professional Use
TANK CAPACITY 18.0 L (4.75 gals.)
WORKING PRESSURE 40 psi +/- 10%
WEIGHT WITHOUT LIQUID 5.1 kg (11.2 lbs.)

How Much Does a Stihl backpack sprayer weigh?

It’s easy to use with a one-hand joystick-style control handle and provides excellent control over rate and range of spray….Hearing Protection.

SR 200 Specifications – Professional Use
DISPLACEMENT 27.2 cc (1.66 cu. in.)
WEIGHT 8.5 kg (18.7 lbs.)
FUEL CAPACITY 1,079 cc (36.5 oz.)
CONTAINER CAPACITY 10.0 L (2.1 gals.)

What is the best backpack sprayer?

The 5 Best Backpack Sprayers

  • D.B. Smith Field King Professional 190328 No Leak Pump Backpack Sprayer.
  • Chapin International 63985 BLACK+DECKER Backpack Sprayer.
  • Smith Performance Sprayers NL400 4-Gallon No Leak Backpack Sprayer.
  • HD Hudson 97154 SP1 Multi-Purpose Professional Bak-Pack Sprayer (Our Top Pick)

Does Dewalt make a backpack sprayer?

The DEWALT 4 gallon internal piston pump backpack sprayer was built to get the job done. Whether it’s for weeding and feeding, disinfecting, finishing concrete, eliminating mold, or controlling pests – users are equipped for the Job. It’s GUARANTEED TOUGH.

What’s the best backpack sprayer?

What are the best chemical sprayers?

  • Best Overall Chemical Sprayer. Chapin Tree/Turf Pro Commercial Backpack Sprayer, 4-Gallon.
  • Best Value Chemical Sprayer. Chapin Home & Garden Sprayer, 1-Gallon.
  • #3 Top Pick. D.B.Smith Bleach & Chemical Sprayer, 1-Gallon.
  • #4 Top Pick. Solo One-Hand Pressure Sprayer, 2-Liter.
  • #5 Top Pick.

Does Dewalt make a 20 volt sprayer?

The new DEWALT 20V Cordless Washer provides 550 PSI at 1.0 GPM, delivering the power and runtime to accomplish all your cleaning jobs. The 20V Pressure Washer brings the convenience of cordless cleaning to the home or work site and offers a quick and easy set up.

How far will a pump sprayer spray?

The sprayer features an 84 in heavy duty nylon reinforced chemical resistant hose and a brass adjustable nozzle for fine mist to coarse stream. The brass pump develops pressure up to 150 psi and allows you to reach targets over 30 feet away.