Do I need to turn on Location Services for Find My iPhone?

Do I need to turn on Location Services for Find My iPhone?

No, Find My iPhone will not continue to work if Location Services is disabled. However, if you enable lost mode, it will automatically enable Location Services.

How do I turn on Location Services on Find my phone?

​To turn on location access on an Android device

  1. Tap on your device’s Settings app.
  2. Tap Location.
  3. Tap Google Location Reporting.
  4. Tap Location Reporting.
  5. Toggle the switch to On.

Why is my Find My iPhone location not working?

If you can’t find your current location on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and make sure that Location Services is on and that Maps is set to While Using the App or Widgets. Make sure that you set the date, time, and time zone correctly on your device. Restart the Maps app …

Can I Find My iPhone If location is off?

Once Lost Mode is on tracking begins so you can see your device’s current location and see any movement on a map. This will work even if Location Service was turned off on the device (it will be temporarily turned back on).

Can you turn on Location Services remotely iPhone?

You can turn on Location Services remotely by tapping Lost Mode. This will turn on Location Services and lock your iPhone with the passcode you provide. If your device is turned off or has run out of battery charge, you cannot turn on Location Services using Lost Mode.

Should I turn on Location Services?

Activity tracking apps, such as Strava, Map My Ride/Run, and others, require Location Services to track your distance. You can turn on privacy modes so your location and activity aren’t shared with the community. If you want to track where you take pictures, you should also have this on for your Camera and Instagram.

Why is Find My iPhone not showing last location?

Go to Settings > Privacy, then turn on Location Services. Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Find My iPod touch. Turn on Find My iPod touch. To have your device send its last location prior to the battery running out, turn on Send Last Location.”

How can I find the last location of my iPhone?

Turn on Find My iPhone Tap into your Settings app, swipe down to iCloud and β€” if you’re logged in β€” swipe down to Find My iPhone. Be sure to toggle Find my iPhone to ON with a tap. This pref is buried a couple of screens deep. Now, look down the page a bit and you’ll see Send Last Location.

How can I track my iPhone with IMEI?

Track IMEI With Wireless Provider Call your provider and say that your iPhone is missing. They will add the iPhone to the grey list of the IMEI database, which allows them to track the iPhone. Your wireless provider will then track the iPhone and may be able to give this information to you.