Did Stone Cold get along with rock?

Did Stone Cold get along with rock?

Inside ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Unlikely Friendship. Despite their rivalry in the ring, the WWE stars had a camaraderie that transcended their time in the ring. Despite their rivalry in the ring, the WWE stars had a camaraderie that transcended their time in the ring.

What did The Rock tell Stone Cold?

Stone Cold Steve Austin revealed what The Rock said to him after the latter defeated him at WrestleMania 19. “I love you man, just want you to know that I love you man.” He said this to Stone Cold inside the ring in front of the 70,000 people.

Who was better Rock or Stone Cold?

Although title wins are pre-determined, The Rock undoubtedly has more championship accolades than Stone Cold. The Rock’s 10 world championship reigns nearly double Stone Cold’s six WWE Championship wins.

Did Stone Cold really fall off the bridge?

Despite plummeting into a river, it turns out “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is a-ok. Photo via TMZ. On April 12, 1999, The Rock threw “Stone Cold” Steve Austin off a bridge on Monday Night RAW, then proceeded to throw the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) Championship right into the river after him.

Is the rock friends with Stone Cold?

The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin are friends to this day The Rock match, and both men remain very close to each other despite the different paths they took — Austin as a podcaster and television personality, and Rock — that is, Dwayne Johnson — as a major box-office draw in Hollywood.

What is stone cold doing now?

Now, almost 15 years after retiring from the WWE, Steve Austin has continued to stay in the spotlight by successfully exploring other endeavors, from hosting television programs to brewing his own beer. Currently, Austin is the host — and creator — of Country Music Television’s Broken Skull Challenge.

Are Stone Cold and The Rock friends?

Why did Stone Cold lose his last match?

He was kayfabe fired on the RAW after WrestleMania and was later brought back as co-general manager alongside Bischoff. Unfortunately, his injuries were legitimate. The injury he sustained against Owen Hart at the 1997 SummerSlam event returned to haunt him, making it impossible for him to compete in the ring.

Who is The Rock’s best friend?

Kevin Hart
Dwayne Johnson is a well-known movie star and his good friend, Kevin Hart is also one of the most successful stand-up comedians of his time.

What belt did Stone Cold throw in the river?

On this date in WWF history: Stone Cold Steve Austin forfeits the Intercontinental belt and dumps it in a river. Ah, the Attitude Era. Let’s take a trip back to this date in WWF history when Stone Cold Steve Austin forfeited the Intercontinental championship before chucking it into a river on Monday Night Raw.

What river did the rock throw stone cold into?

Detroit River
The Rock throws Stone Cold over the Belle Isle bridge (“Raw,” April 12, 1999): “Raw” spilled outside of the Joe when The Rock baited Stone Cold Steve Austin to meet him on the Belle Isle bridge and proceeds to throw him — and his “Smoking Skull” championship belt — into the Detroit River.