Data science training: Top reasons to learn R, Python and Data Science

Data science training: Top reasons to learn R, Python and Data Science

With growing data, there is a constant need for some technologies like R, Python, and data science, etc that can handle it. These massive data are very difficult to handle with the traditional tools available and the databases like My SQL or SQL Server. Therefore, MNCs have started using these latest statistical based technologies to work with data and find useful insights to get profits in their businesses.

If you are planning to start your career in the field of data science and big data or thinking to advance the career, we are here with some of the top reasons to learn R, Python and Data Science.


A statistician is the best person to deal with data and there is no other better language than R to be learned by him. It is the most popular skill among the data analysts and the R experts are being looked after by some of the big brands like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Twitter, etc.

Adding R to your skill sets can be a great option because:

  • R is freely available and is open source. Without any investments, it can be used and allows easy upgrades.
  • It is a powerful scripting language.
  • R is platform independent language and can easily run on MAC, Linux and Windows, etc.
  • It is one of the topmost used programming languages of 2019.
  • There is a huge vibrant community of R.

In order to learn, you can join R training in edX where the course is conducted in a systematic manner.


Another important language that is being used by the data analyst is Python. Learning Python is easy and it is the most preferred choice for web development and game development as well.

There are multiple reasons why learning Python can be beneficial:

  • Learning Python is not a tough task unlike other coding languages like C, C++, etc. There is less number of lines to be written in Python code as there are multiple in-built functions available.
  • Debugging a python code is much simpler as there are fewer lines in the code.
  • Like R, Python is also widely used in the Big industry. Brands like YouTube, IBM, NASA, Quora, etc are relying heavily on the Python.
  • It is a high-performance language and it is open source which makes it more appealing for the mid-sized and startup companies.

Planning to start a career in Python can be a good choice. You can join online classes like Udemy for Python training to make the learning easier.

Data Science

A skilled data scientist has a huge demand in the market because he or she has the ability to deal with any massive amount of data and get the best results. You can make quick and accurate decisions with the help of data science. This is the reason why a major part of the industry is already using it. Starting a career in data science or upgrading yourself can be a smart decision and you can become more successful in your career. Thinking why let’s look below:

  • Making decisions become more quantifiable with data science.
  • There is a huge demand for data scientists in the market and there are multiple roles based on your knowledge and interest.
  • The salary perks for a data scientist are very
  • high and the number keeps on increasing based on your experience and skills.
  • You get to learn various data management technologies like Hadoop, Flume and Machine learning, etc.

If you want to learn data science, to become data scientist then, get data science training in Pune By Techdata Solutions. There you will get to learn things more deeply and working on real-life projects will provide you hands-on as well.