Can you fish at Trinity Beach?

Can you fish at Trinity Beach?

In fact, land-based anglers are blessed with a myriad of beach options in the NFZ, with the main ones being Machans, Holloways, and Trinity Beach. All can be fished in a single session and are all easily accessible straight from their own main beach esplanades.

Can you fish at Crystal Cascades?

Jungle Waterfall – Crystal Cascades An hour drive away from Cairns there are the Crystal Cascades. So we ended up walking all the way with our gear until the end of the trail, where a big waterfall comes down from the mountain. It is a breathtaking sight, but we could not catch any fish, even though we saw many.

Can you swim at Machans Beach?

Machans Beach is the closest beach to Cairns city, being only 10 minutes drive from the CBD. The sand slopes onto the ocean and such a slight angle that at low tide the beach becomes wider than it is long. If you are interested in swimming, try the next beach in the chain of northern beaches, Holloways Beach.

Can you catch whiting in Cairns?

Cairns, Cairns Area And everyone knows about the Great Barrier Reef. The headlands around Cairns provide many areas where fish naturally congregate, while the area’s stunning white-sand beaches are full of stunning fishing spots where you can catch everything from whiting to barramundi.

What fish are biting in Cairns?


  • Jungle Perch.
  • Mangrove Jack.
  • Gulf Saratoga.
  • Sooty Grunter (Black Bream)
  • Tarpon.
  • How do you catch barramundi in Cairns?

    Barramundi fishing tips for beginners

    1. Conditions. Dawn and dusk is the best time of day to go barramundi fishing in Cairns.
    2. Equipment. Barramundi can get big!
    3. Casting. When casting, try deep diving lures around existing structures like timber, rocks and weed beds.
    4. Bait. Large 6-8 inch lures are recommended.

    Is there crocodiles at Crystal Cascades?

    Crystal Cascades, because of its location, offers an environment safe from saltwater crocodiles, as well as the stinging jellyfish that frequent the beaches during the northern tropical summer. During the monsoon wet season that visits Cairns each summer, it is advisable not to swim at Crystal Cascades at all.

    Is machans beach a good suburb?

    Strong community spirit and diverse culture – Machans residents are passionate about their suburb and it isn’t hard to see why! Local state school, public transport, minutes from Cairns City, lack of over-development make this suburb a trip back in time to what the Gold Coast was before hotel development!

    Are there crocodiles on Cairns beaches?

    They can be found in estuaries and beaches around Tropical North Queensland as well as in rivers, lagoons and swamps hundreds of kilometres from the sea. They are most active at night and in the breeding season from September to April. Here’s, how to be croc-wise in croc country: Always obey crocodile warning signs.

    When can I catch prawns in Cairns?

    The fishery has two fishing seasons – the banana prawn season which runs from late March to mid June and the tiger prawn season which is in place from August to the end of November.

    What fish are in season now Cairns?

    Seasonal Fishing Guide – Cairns And North Queensland

    Species Tackle Size To
    Sailfish L/M/F 175lb (80kg)
    Dolphin Fish # L/M/F 55lb (25kg)
    Yellowfin Tuna L/M/H 110lb (50kg)
    Dogtooth Tuna # M/L 200lb (90kg)

    What is Machans Beach in Cairns like?

    Machans Beach was actually one of the first beach settlements in Cairns and was surveyed in 1885. The land at Machans Beach was purchased by Richard and Christina Machan in the 1920s and from there, families begun living in simple beach shacks on the beachfront.

    Who are the Machans Beach locals?

    Machans beach locals describe themselves as “down to earth working class people” who appreciate the peacefulness and stunning natural beauty of the beach at their doorstep. The neighbourhood at Machans Beach has an eclectic and hippie feel with a unique community culture that sets it apart from other settlements around Cairns.

    Where is the best beach to visit in Cairns?

    Machans Beach is a local’s seaside suburb and the closest beach to Cairns. If you’re looking to sunbake on the sand, Machans probably isn’t your top choice with the beach lined with a rock wall but it’s great for a waterfront walk at any time.

    When is the best time of year to visit Cairns?

    Cairns winter temperatures hover around the mid-twenties (Celsius) making it the ideal time to visit the beaches, with stinger nets removed and sunny days ruling the weather chart. Free barbecues are available along most foreshores, encouraging visitors and locals alike to spend more time outside enjoying the tropics.