Can I make an image transparent in GIMP?

Can I make an image transparent in GIMP?

Select Edit – Clear. This makes the selection transparent.

How do I save a transparent image in GIMP?

How to Make Background Transparent in Gimp

  1. Click on the background of the image (the area which you want to make transparent):
  2. Go to Layer -> Transparency -> Add Alpha Channel :
  3. Press the Delete keyboard button:
  4. Go to File -> Export As… :
  5. Choose PNG file format and click on Export :
  6. Click Export again:
  7. And that’s it!

Why do transparent images turn black GIMP?

Most probably a setting that is in the Gimp profile and the Gimp profile is not removed / changed by a reinstall – up to you to fix that. More than a best guess. Sometime in the past the FG / BG colours were swapped The BG colour is now black. Gimp uses that colour to replace any transparency.

How do I save an image with transparency?

The trick to saving an image with a transparent background (maybe something like your company logo or a graphic) is to put the image on a transparent layer all by itself, and then delete the Background layer by dragging-and-dropping it onto the Trash icon at the bottom of the Layers panel.

How do I save a gimp file as a JPEG?

How to Save as a JPEG in GIMP

  1. Select File > Export As.
  2. Use the Export As box to assign a name and location to the image.
  3. Click Select File Type to open the list of available file types.
  4. Scroll down the list and select JPEG Image.
  5. Select Export to open the Export Image as JPEG dialog box.
  6. Select optional JPEG settings.

How to make the background of an image transparent in GIMP?

Making an Image’s Background Transparent Open GIMP. Open an image in GIMP. Click Layer. Select Transparency. Click Add Alpha Channel. Click Tools. Select Selection Tools. Click Fuzzy Select. Select part of the background. Press the Del key. Remove the rest of the background. Export your project as a PNG file.

How does the transparency work in Adobe Flash?

When saving or exporting images in GIF format, you have the option to set the transparency and index color of the image. When these colors are set to the same RGB values, Flash properly renders the background color as transparent.

When to add an alpha channel to a GIMP image?

An alpha channel is automatically added into the Channel Dialog as soon as you add a second layer to your image. It represents the transparency of the image. If your image has only one layer (like our example), this background layer has no Alpha channel. In this case, to Add an Alpha channel.

What kind of transparency does a GIF file have?

There are two different approaches used by graphic file formats for supporting transparent image areas: simple binary transparency and alpha transparency. Simple binary transparency is supported in the GIF format; one color from the indexed color palette is marked as the transparent color.