Can I complain about cigarette smoke?

Can I complain about cigarette smoke?

Odour pollution The most common source of odour complaints is commercial cooking. The Council cannot intervene in issues of domestic odour such as domestic cooking and cigarette smoke. If you smell gas please contact National Gas Emergencies on 0800 111 999 or visit the national grid website.

What can I do about Neighbours cigarette smoke?

If you are affected by smoke, smell or noise nuisance from neighbours or nearby industry, you can ask your local authority to take action – or you can take action yourself – under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (EPA).

Can cigarette smoke travel through walls?

Yes, smoke can travel through walls… According to TobaccoFreeCA, smoke can travel through walls. However, even though cigarette smoke seeps into walls, floors and ceilings, when it travels it tends to act in a similar way to water – it takes the easiest and fastest route.

How far can you smell cigarette smoke?

Depending upon weather conditions and air flow, tobacco smoke can be detected at distances between 25-30 feet away. The harm of tobacco smoke is greater if there are many lit cigarettes burning at the same time and if someone is close to the tobacco smoke.

Can I break my lease because of cigarette smoke?

Depending on the situation, you may have the right to break your lease because of the health effects of the secondhand smoking. You might be able to claim that the secondhand smoke constitutes a nuisance or disrupts your right to quiet enjoyment of the rental unit.

Why can I constantly smell smoke?

Phantosmia is a medical condition sometimes known as olfactory hallucinations. Individuals with this condition believe they can smell certain odors such as smoke, natural gas, dirt, and flowers even when the smell does not exist.

How do cigarettes travel between apartments?

How Does Secondhand Smoke Enter An Apartment? Secondhand smoke can come into your apartment in multiple ways. Secondhand smoke does not respect boundaries, seeping through light fixtures, wall electric outlets, ceiling crawl spaces, and doorways into all areas of a building with smokers.

Does cigarette smoke travel up or down?

There are some building dynamics which will affect pressurization such as stack effect. This is the movement from the air in lower levels to higher levels. Therefore, if the smoker is in the unit below you, the secondhand smoke will usually move up into your unit easier than it could move down into a lower unit.

Is there an apartment complaint letter for smoking?

Perfect for navigating neighbor situations, this apartment complaint letter requests that a tenant stop smoking inside the complex. My safe download promise. Downloads are subject to this site’s term of use.

What to do if someone is smoking in your apartment?

If one of your neighbors is smoking in their apartment, their other neighbors may have noticed the secondhand smoke coming into their apartments as well. Others may have similar complaints, but be afraid to say anything. Banding together can bring more power to your message.

Can you make a complaint about someone smoking in a building?

You can make a complaint about someone smoking tobacco products, or using electronic cigarettes, anywhere in a commercial or government building, and in the common areas of a residential building with 3 or more units. The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene does not prohibit smoking in individual residences or apartments.

Is it illegal to smoke in apartment building?

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene does not prohibit smoking in individual residences or apartments. Report smoking at a location covered by the Smoke Free Air Act. Smoking and using e-cigarettes, which includes cannabis (marijuana), is prohibited in the common areas of residential buildings with three or more units.