Are there any rare Canadian quarters?

Are there any rare Canadian quarters?

The most valuable Canadian Victorian quarters in circulated (XF40) condition are the 1875-H ($4,400), 1889 ($2,100), and 1880-H “Wide 0” ($1,950). The most valuable Victorian Canadian quarters in uncirculated (MS62) condition are the 1875-H ($22,000), the 1887 ($10,400), and the 1889 ($8,900).

What does the P mean on Canadian coins?

Canadian pennies marked with the letter “P” first entered circulation in 2001. The mark denoted coins made from a new composition. In the past, pennies had been made primarily of copper. These coins had the added advantages of being more durable and lightweight than before.

Are Mountie quarters worth anything?

While this scarce ‘Large Bust’ variety is valuable, the regular Mountie quarters are worth only 25 cents! If you have some of these, use these photos to check your coins closely.

How much does a 2001 Canadian quarter weigh?

2001 P Elizabeth II Twenty Five Cent – Quarter Specifications
Mintage: 55,773,000 Content: 94% Steel, 3.8% Copper, 2.2% Nickel Weight: 4.4 Grams Diameter: 23.88 mm Edge: Reeded Mint: Ottawa Mint, Ottawa, Canada Designer: Obverse: Dora de Pedery-Hunt, Ago Aarand Reverse: Emanuel Hahn Engraver: Same as Designer(s)

What is the rarest coin in Canada?

Here’s a look at three of the rarest coins in Cook’s collection:

  • 1911 silver dollar. There are only two 1911 silver dollars in existence, and they’re considered the “holy grail” of Canadian coins.
  • 1921 50 cent coin. This 1921 50 cent coin is considered to be in the best shape of the remaining coins. (
  • 1936 dot cent penny.

What Canadian coins are worth keeping?

  • Canadian Silver Nickel – Any Year.
  • 1936 Canadian “Dot” Dime.
  • 1921 50-Cent Piece.
  • Victoria 50-Cent Piece in Near-Mint Condition.
  • 1911 Canadian Silver Dollar.
  • 1916 C Gold Sovereign.
  • 1969 Large Date 10-Cents.
  • 1921 Silver 5-Cents.

What does the P mean on a quarter?

Philadelphia Mint
It means that the coin was minted at the West Point Mint in New York. D stands for the Denver Mint, P stands for the Philadelphia Mint and “S” stands for the San Francisco Mint.

What are P coins?

The letter P is used for the Philadelphia Mint, D for the Denver Mint, S for the San Francisco Mint, and W for the West Point Mint. United States mint marks were originally used to distinguish coins not made in Philadelphia.

How much is a Canadian Mountie quarter worth?

Made to commemorate the 100th birthday of the RCMP, the Mint created hundreds of millions of quarters depicting a Mountie on horseback. But some of them were made with the “obverse of the 1972 Quarter,” making them rare. Circulated copies can get you $150, while mint condition examples are worth between $300 and $500.

What are the top 10 most valuable quarters?

The Top 15 Most Valuable Quarters

  • 1834 Proof Capped Bust Quarter.
  • 1841 Proof Liberty Seated Quarter.
  • 1804 Draped Bust Quarter.
  • 1828 Capped Bust Quarter – Repunched Denomination 25/5/50C.
  • 1838 Proof Liberty Seated Quarter – No Drapery.
  • 1805 Draped Bust Quarter.
  • 1807 Draped Bust Quarter.
  • 1850 Proof Liberty Seated Quarter.

Is a 2001 quarter worth anything?

2001-P Double Struck New York Quarter The reverse side has two castings of the Statue of Liberty and outline of the state of New York. New York state quarters from 2001 in perfect condition (and with no flaw) are worth about $1.75.

Why is the caribou on the Canadian quarter?

The caribou on a 25-cent piece dates back to 1936 when a change in the sovereign’s image on circulation currency prompted the Canadian government to modify the designs on the reverse side of coins as well. The caribou design was created by Canadian artist Emanuel Hahn and was first used in 1937.