Who played Ginny Sacrimoni?

Who played Ginny Sacrimoni?

According to news reports, the cause was liver cancer. On The Sopranos, the long-running HBO drama about a New Jersey crime family, Borino-Quinn played Ginny Sacrimoni, wife of Johnny “Sack” Sacrimoni, played by Vincent Curatola.

Who played Jenny in Sopranos?

Denise Borino-Quinn

Denise Borino-Quinn
Occupation Actress
Years active 2001–2007
Television The Sopranos
Spouse(s) Luke Quinn Jr. ​ ​ ( m. 2005; died 2010)​

Did Carmine orders a hit on Johnny Sack?

He had a sometimes contentious relationship with his Underboss, John “Johnny Sack” Sacramoni. During different episodes in the fourth season, Johnny and Carmine each authorized Tony Soprano to put a “hit” on the other, although in neither case was the killing actually carried out.

Where did Johnny Sacks daughter get married?

chandelier and ample parking, Leonard’s is the venue for the gaudy wedding reception of Johnny Sack’s daughter, Allegra Marie (Caitlin Van Zandt), in season 6, episode 5.

Why did Phil Leotardo get whacked?

Leotardo rejected Soprano’s offer of compromise on an asbestos removal project, and Leotardo went to war with Soprano after he beat one of his men for threatening his daughter. DeConcini did not know where Leotardo was hiding, but he gave the DiMeos permission to whack his old boss.

Why was rusty killed in Sopranos?

Millio being shot in his car Soprano decided to have the Camorra assassins Italo and Salvatore flown in from Naples; the “tailors” were sent to “fit for a suit” Rusty (to kill him). Millio’s death ensured that there would be no civil war following Sacrimoni’s imprisonment.

Did Furio and Carmela get together?

Carmela and Furio fell in love with each other, but were never physically intimate. Tony never discovers that Carmela had been sleeping with Wegler. Eventually, Carmela and Tony reconcile, and Tony moves back in with Carmela.

How did Johnny Sack go to jail?

On December 20 2004 Johnny was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation after the family’s consigliere, Jimmy Petrille, turned state’s evidence. Johnny remained in control of the Lupertazzi family while in jail awaiting trial. Phil told Tony that Johnny was in a panic state over his finances while in prison.

Who kills Phil Leotardo?

Walden Belfiore
Phil was shot in the head by DiMeo soldier Walden Belfiore while he was exiting his family SUV at the gas station where the phone booth was. The new boss of the family is unknown, but may be former underboss Butch DeConcini.

Who is Ginny Sacrimoni in The Sopranos?

Denise Borino-Quinn (January 6, 1964 – October 27, 2010) was an American television actress known for her recurring role as Ginny Sacrimoni, the wife of New York mob boss Johnny Sack in the television series The Sopranos. She was born in Roseland, New Jersey, on January 6, 1964.

When did Ginny Sacrimoni get on a diet?

In her episodes, which aired in October 2002, Ginny Sacrimoni professed to be on a diet, and her tough-guy husband brutally retaliated against someone who dared to make a wisecrack about his beloved wife’s weight. Only afterwards did Johnny discover that Ginny was sneaking candy and snacks that she had hidden throughout their house.

Who was the actress that played Johnny Sacrimoni’s wife?

The producers of the hit HBO series were searching for someone to fill the role of Ginny, the wife of Johnny Sacrimoni (“aka “Johnny Sacks”). Borino-Quinn, who accompanied a friend to the casting session, was surprised when she was picked – from among 14,000 wannabes.

Who was Johnny Sack’s wife on The Sopranos?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Denise Borino-Quinn (January 6, 1964 – October 27, 2010) was an American television actress who had a recurring role as Ginny Sacramoni, the wife of New York mob boss Johnny Sack in the television series The Sopranos.