What is the phone number for Radio Flyer?

What is the phone number for Radio Flyer?

For questions regarding product warranty, please reference our warranty policy or call Customer Service at 1.800.621.7613, Monday – Friday 8:00am CST – 4:30pm CST. PLEASE NOTE: If you already own a Radio Flyer product, please have the model number and MD code (located on the warning label) available at the time of your call.

Why was the first Radio Flyer called a Radio Flyer?

Antonio Pasin’s wagons captured the spirit of the times. The first steel wagon was named Radio Flyer, by combining his fascination with the invention of the radio – by fellow Italian, Guglielmo Marconi – and his wonderment of flight. Looking Forward to the Future

When did Antonio Pasin name his company Radio Flyer?

In 1930, Antonio renamed the company from Liberty Coaster Company to Radio Steel & Manufacturing, and, despite hard times, was already the world’s largest producer of toy coaster wagons. Why Radio Flyer? Antonio Pasin’s wagons captured the spirit of the times.

What was the golden anniversary of Radio Flyer?

1967 was the Golden Anniversary of Radio Steel, and business was stronger than ever. The wagons were still made with the same quality craftsmanship and care that have become trademarks of Radio Flyer, and new technologies allowed for even greater expansion of the Radio Line.

What kind of music is honkyoku in Japan?

Honkyoku is part of the practice of suizen (吹禅, “blowing Zen”). The Fuke sect which originated from this practice ceased to exist in the 19th century, after which several shakuhachi guilds were formed, and the verbal and written lineage of many honkyoku continues today, though the music is now often practised in a concert or performance setting.

Who was the first person to play honkyoku?

Honkyoku (本曲, “original pieces”) are the pieces of shakuhachi music played by mendicant Japanese Zen monks called komusō. Komusō played honkyoku for enlightenment and alms as early as the 13th century.

What was the name of the original Onkyo stereo receiver?

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