What is an electronic transfer case?

What is an electronic transfer case?

A transfer case is a part of the drivetrain of four-wheel-drive, all-wheel-drive, and other multiple powered axle vehicles. It also synchronizes the difference between the rotation of the front and rear wheels, and may contain one or more sets of low range gears for off-road use.

How does an electric transfer case work?

THE BASICS No matter how simple or complex your transfer case is, this is what it does: It splits the engine torque coming from the transmission and delivers it to output shafts that connect to driveshafts leading to the front and rear axles.

What are the types of transfer case?

The three basic types of transfer cases are part-time 4WD, full-time 4WD, and active 4WD. Part-time 4WD is the most common type of transfer case. It allows you to operate the vehicle in two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive high-range (4Hi), and four-wheel drive low-range (4Lo).

What causes a transfer case to go bad?

Commonly, a transfer case will fail due to a low fluid level caused by leaks, a lack of maintenance or regular wear and tear. It’s important to address fluid leaks right away to prevent internal transfer case damage. Changing the transfer case fluid on a regular basis is also important.

Can I drive with bad transfer case?

Driving your car with a bad transfer case is a bad idea. If you continue to drive with a transfer case that has a serious mechanical problem, you could destroy it beyond the point of repair, and possibly damage your transmission, driveshafts and axles in the process.

What are signs of a bad transfer case?

Here are some of the most common signs you may encounter when you have a bad transfer case:

  • Gear Shifting Issues.
  • Difficulty Staying in 4WD.
  • 4WD Will Not Engage/Disengage.
  • Puddle Formation Directly Under the Transfer Case’s Location.
  • Weird Grinding, Growling or Humming Noises.
  • 4WD Warning Light Illuminates.
  • 4WD Transfer Case.

What happens if transfer case goes out?

If the seals leak, fluid escapes and is no longer able to properly lubricate the interior components of the transfer case. Eventually the parts inside will wear out and overheat. If this happens, the transfer case will be rendered useless and the four-wheel drive operation will not work.

Does a transfer case do anything in 2WD?

In 2WD mode, the transfer case does not send power to the front driveshaft.

What happens if your transfer case goes out?

When your transfer case goes bad, your car might jump in and out of 4-wheel drive on its own. This indicates an inability to stay in a drive mode which can damage the transfer case, other systems on the vehicle, or cause an unsafe driving situation.

Can you drive without a transfer case?

Without a transfer case, you will not be able to drive the vehicle since the power is split 50/50 to the front and rear drive shafts and in 4WD or 4H mode. Hence, without a transfer case, a traditional 4WD vehicle cannot drive.

Why is the transfer case usually controlled electronically?

In modern cars the transfer case is usually controlled electronically because this provides more design freedom and the possibility of diagnostics feedback and direct control by the powertrain ECU.

How does an electronic shift on the fly transfer case work?

Electronic Shift On-the-Fly (ESOF) transfer cases have a dash-mounted selector switch or buttons with front sealed automatic locking axle hubs or drive flanges.

How did I seal my electronic transfer case?

I siliconed on some rubber fuel line around the hole to “seal” it while closed – it leaked horribly. It stayed closed via 2 eyelets that 2 rods slid into and then a homemade latch using a hitchpin. I had to physically remove the panel to gain access and put the truck into 4wd.

What is electronic shift-on-demand transfer case?

The 48-11 (44-44) uses clutches to engage 4wd, even in 4wd lock. The 48-12 (44-45) in the Rebel uses a direct chain drive. The 48-11 (44-44) never locks and actually switches in and out of 2wd 4wd while operating. Click to expand… The transfer case and ELocker are completely unrelated.