How many breweries are in Long Beach?

How many breweries are in Long Beach?

Long Beach stands out as the craft beer powerhouse in Los Angeles, boasting 10+ breweries, 20+ beer bars, and 10+ legit bottle shops.

Do you have to be 21 to get into Ballast Point?

Kids are allowed! You won’t find it on their website, but Ballast Point does also have a kids menu that they will provide when they see your little ones.

Does Ballast Point have non alcoholic beer?

Listen in to hear how these delicious brews continue to spread positivity and make strides within the non-alcoholic genre. Enjoy this awesome story while you drink your Trailblazer Hoppy Lager.

What kind of beer is Ballast Point?

Our California Kölsch is a rich golden brew, crafted with aromatic German hops and rounded out with a blend of American and Munich malts. While it’s hopped like a lager, we ferment it like an ale to create a smooth, bright taste that has just a hint of fruit and spice.

Are dogs allowed at Ballast Point Long Beach?

No, unfortunately. over a year ago. Per the general manager: “Our facility can only accept service animals for our patios.”

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Is Ballast Point going out of business?

California brewery Ballast Point is now officially part of Kings & Convicts Brewing Co., a Chicago-area brewing company. Kings & Convicts Brewing Co. announced in December it would purchase the makers of the popular Sculpin IPA from Constellation Brands.

What is the best Ballast Point beer?

Ballast Point Brewing Co. Sculpin IPA. The Sculpin is an IPA for people who think they don’t like IPAs. The award-winning brew is a bright and not overly astringent beer (doesn’t have as much of a puckering quality).

Is Ballast Point a brewery?

A pioneering brewery born 25 years ago within the hallowed, hopped walls of San Diego’s Home Brew Mart, the complete art of the craft swims in the DNA of Ballast Point and informs both what’s inside and on the can. We’re proud of our San Diego hometown, our employees, our beers, and our fans.

Is Ballast Point dog friendly?

Also on San Diego’s dog-friendly brewery roster: Coronado Brewing Company, Acoustic Ales Brewing Experiment, AleSmith Brewing Company, 32 North Brewing Company, Fall Brewing Company, Ballast Point, Mother Earth and Belching Beaver—the latter of which, despite the curious name, is so successful it has five locations in …

Who bought Ballast Point brewery?

Kings & Convicts Brewing Co.
All 560 employees were retained. In a major deal for the entire craft beer industry, Kings & Convicts Brewing Co. recently finalized its purchase of Ballast Point Brewing Co. (beers pictured) from Constellation Brands.