WHAT IS DEAD-box RNA helicase?

WHAT IS DEAD-box RNA helicase?

DEAD-box helicases are a large family of conserved RNA-binding proteins that belong to the broader group of cellular DExD/H helicases. Members of the DEAD-box helicase family have roles throughout cellular RNA metabolism from biogenesis to decay.

What is a DEAD-box protein?

DEAD-box proteins are the largest family of superfamily 2 (SF2) helicases. They share with other SF2 proteins a helicase core composed of two RecA-like domains and a common set of sequence motifs. In the DEAD-box proteins, motif II includes the sequence D-E-A-D, which is the origin of their name (1).

What does DEAD-box stand for?

DEAD box proteins are involved in an assortment of metabolic processes that typically involve RNAs, but in some cases also other nucleic acids. Many organisms, including humans, contain DEAD-box (SF2) helicases, which are involved in RNA metabolism.

What does the RNA helicase do?

RNA helicases constitute a large family of proteins with functions in all aspects of RNA metabolism. RNA helicases can have a variety of biochemical effects, such as unwinding or annealing RNA molecules, clamping protein complexes on RNA or remodelling ribonucleoprotein complexes.

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Is ligase an RNA binding protein?

In the present paper, we describe a new group of RNA-binding E3 ubiquitin ligases which are predicted to bind and regulate RNA stability. It is remarkable that the ubiquitin system is involved, either directly or indirectly, in both the degradation of nucleic acids as well as proteins.

What is the role of RNA Primase?

Primase is an enzyme that synthesizes short RNA sequences called primers. Since primase produces RNA molecules, the enzyme is a type of RNA polymerase. Primase functions by synthesizing short RNA sequences that are complementary to a single-stranded piece of DNA, which serves as its template.

Does helicase use RNA?

Helicases are enzymes that bind and may even remodel nucleic acid or nucleic acid protein complexes. There are DNA and RNA helicases. RNA helicases are involved in shaping the form of RNA molecules, during all processes involving RNA, such as transcription, splicing, and translation.

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Can RNA be ubiquitinated?

Posttranscriptional RNA processing provides a fundamental step in the regulation of gene expression. A particularly interesting class of proteins in this context are RNA-binding ubiquitin ligases (RBULs) that contain either a HECT, RING or ring between ring (RBR) ubiquitin ligase domain.

What are the roles of DEAD box helicases?

Members of the DEAD-box helicase family have roles throughout cellular RNA metabolism from biogenesis to decay. Moreover, there is emerging evidence that cellular RNA helicases, including DEAD-box helicases, play roles in the recognition of foreign nucleic acids and the modulation of viral infection.

What are the names of the DEAH box RNA helicases?

Four additional helicases (Prp2, Prp16, Prp22, and Prp43) act during the catalysis and disassembly stages of the splicing cycle and belong to the DEAH-box subfamily. In metazoans, five additional helicases, Aquarius, SF3b125, elFAIII, DDX35, and Abstrakt, are involved in splicing [ 4., 5., 6., 7. ]. Figure 1.

How is the helicase core reduced in DEAH-box proteins?

In DEAH-box proteins the degrees of freedom of the helicase core are reduced by the interactions between the C-terminal domains and the two RecA-like domains in comparison to those DEAD-box proteins lacking such C-terminal domains.

How are DEAD box proteins involved in RNA metabolism?

Many organisms, including humans, contain DEAD-box (SF2) helicases, which are involved in RNA metabolism. DEAD box proteins were first brought to attention in the late 1980s in a study that looked at a group of NTP binding sites that were similar in sequence to the eIF4A RNA helicase sequence.