Is CBBE compatible with armor mods?

Is CBBE compatible with armor mods?

– You must have CBBE body textures installed or the visible skin will look strange. – This package does NOT include any textures, and thus is compatible with any vanilla armour/clothing retexture mod.

Will UNP armor work with CBBE?

CBBE wearing UNP armor: no problem, although you’ll see dark shadow in the chest part.

How do you convert CBBE armor to UNP?

And to convert from CBBE to UNP, you need to open up CBBE outfit, delete the defaultt CBBE body, and replace it with that baseline UNP body. And then link all the nodes from there. For outfits that covers head to toe, you don’t need to convert because there is no skin showing.

What is low weight and high weight in Bodyslide?

Posted October 6, 2016. Low weight slider = the body that characters with 0 weight use. High weight slider = the body that characters with 100 weight use.

What is UUNP Skyrim?

UUNP is unified unp project that allows u to morph ur basic uunp body (zero-slided) to any of the presets it supports. Presets for UUNP are the bodies like UNP, UNPB, SevenBase, etc. Each preset is defined by specific set of sliders.

What is CBBE Skyrim?

Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- is a graphics mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. It overhauls the textures and model of the female body.

Is UNP better than CBBE?

The only difference of CBBE and UNP is that the CBBE has more a natural average weight looking and the UNP has more a slim weight looking.

Can I use both UNP and CBBE?

If you put an UNP-compatible texture on a CBBE mesh, the texture wont line up – you’ll get nipples and bellybuttons, all over the place and gaps at the hip, as you’ve already noticed. You can have different NPCs using different body mods.

How do you change your weight on body slide?

Open BodySlide. The sliders on the left are for ‘weight 0’, while the sliders on the right are for ‘weight 100’. When you save, whatever you’ve put the sliders at for both sides are saved, and when built/batchbuilt, BodySlide generates both ‘weight 0’ and ‘weight 100’ meshes (_0 and _1 nifs, respectively).

How do I make a BodySlide preset?

Quick Setup

  1. Install CBBE and Bodyslide – make sure you install all Vanilla Armors.
  2. Open Bodyslide and Select CBBE Body.
  3. Select any Preset (or not) and adjust the sliders as you wish.
  4. Click “Group Filter” and check everything.
  5. Click Batch Build and resolve any conflicts.


UUNP uses the UNP UV mapping, so any body texture that works on UNP will work for it. You can technically use any armor on any body, regardless of what it was built for.

What do you need to know about cbbe mods?

CBBE is a Skyrim mod that accomplishes does a number of things, but mostly it: 1 Replaces all the skin textures of the stock NPC models. 2 Replaces the default shape of what female NPCs look like. This goes beyond simply what their skin texture looks like… More

How to make Sexy rose armor in cbbe?

Travel to “Data\\CalienteTools\\BodySlide\\ShapeData” and choose your first item. Black & Red Sexy Rose Armor shown here, click “open”. The outfit “pops” onto a CBBE “reference” body, which is highlighted in green. Also note the UUNP “reference” body that was part of my UUNP armor mod.

How to convert your uunp outfit to cbbe?

“Chubby Waist” shows a little skin at the hip. Let’s fix that… Press #2 for the “Inflate” brush. Keep your brush size and strength low. The red circle indicates the mesh “vertices” (triangle corners of the mesh wire frame) that will be affected and since this is a small area, one doesn’t need a huge brush size.

Do you need a reference body for cbbe?

The boob covers “pop” onto the reference CBBE body. But note there’s no UUNP reference body this time. Remember what I said. You only need 1 reference body per outfit and you’ve already got that with the above armor, so no reference body for this part.