How good is AMD A4-6300 processor?

How good is AMD A4-6300 processor?

In addition to incredible gaming support it has Very Decent Performance even though it has only 1Mb cache memory. This processor is even efficient. It has 1.8GHz base frequency & consumes power much less than rated 65W power.

What generation is AMD A4-6300?


Market: Desktop
Release Date: Jun 1st, 2013
Codename: Richland
Generation: A4 (Richland)
Part#: AD6300OKA23HL

What is the GPU of AMD A4-6300?

integrated graphics

Label Radeon™ HD 8370D
Latest DirectX 11.0
GPU clock speed 760 MHz

Is AMD 4 a good processor?

Performs better than I had anticipated for the build even handles video gaming. Working with computers, this is a nice note for gamers on a budget. A processor with higher processing power (i.e. 3.4-3.6 ghz) per core rather than a higher number of cores is excellent for gaming.

Is AMD A4 6300 with Radeon HD graphics?

The AMD A4-6300 model features dual cores and Radeon HD 8370D graphics of 128 Radeon Stream Processors on the FM2 motherboard infrastructure.

When did AMD A4 come out?

AMD A4-5300

Series AMD A-Series (Desktop)
GPU AMD Radeon HD 7480D (724 MHz)
64 Bit 64 Bit support
Architecture x86
Announcement Date 09/26/2012 = 3358 days old

What is the best GPU for A4 6300?

Splendid. The A4 is a dual core, so with a videocard upgrade you should be able to play at least the games that only need a dual core. Of new cards I would get an RX 460 2gb or GTX 1050. If your 600W power supply has the connectors, you could buy something used and maybe get a faster card for the same or less money.

What RAM is compatible with AMD A4 6300?

AMD A4-6300 specifications

General information
Type CPU / Microprocessor
Integrated graphics GPU Type: Radeon HD 8370D Shader cores: 128 Base frequency (MHz): 760
Memory controller The number of controllers: 1 Memory channels: 2 Supported memory: DDR3-1600 Maximum memory bandwidth (GB/s): 25.6

What are the specifications of the AMD A4 6300?

AMD A4 6300 | ▤ Full Specifications: Processor socket: FM2, Component for: PC, Operating modes: 64-bit, Clock speed: 3.7, Max turbo speed: 3.9, Number of cores: 2, Thermal Design Power (TDP) : 65, Processor lithography: 32, On-board graphics adapter: yes, Type: AMD

Should I buy an AMD A8 6600K for $50?

Don’t ever really buy it though, just get like a FX-6300, 6 cores, 6 threads versus 1 core, 2 threads at $90 (+$45 more). If you’re truly set on a $50 CPU, buy a A8 6600K. Saw those floating for the same price as this but with quad core.

Does the Athlon II p340 have a 128 bit FPU?

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