How do I get the key to the Riften warehouse?

How do I get the key to the Riften warehouse?

The Riften Warehouse Key will be given to the Dragonborn by the Jarl. They will need to speak to Wujeeta, who can be found sweeping the docks west of town. Give her a health potion, then ask where she gets her skooma and report her dealer to the Jarl.

How do I get to Shadowfoot Sanctum?

This entrance can be found in the water just south of the western city gates. This Creation adds a new map marker for the Riften Docks which allows for easy access to Shadowfoot Sanctum, as it will place you on the bridge leading to the Riften Warehouse, conveniently overlooking the sewer grate.

How do you know if a Riften is a Skooma dealer?

After completing the Helping Hand quest, the Dragonborn can speak to Wujeeta again and ask her if she got the Skooma. She is reluctant to say, but can be persuaded to give up the name of her dealer: Sarthis Idren and where he can be found (the Riften Warehouse). This launches the quest The Raid.

How do I become jarl of Riften?

Riften. For Riften you must go to the Riften Fishery and look for a lady that has a Skooma addiction. You then give her some coin and ask her where she gets her skooma. Afterwards, you talk to the jarl and complete the skooma dealer quests.

Can you lose Thane status?

If you lose your thane status in your hold (due to the jarl that granted it being removed by the Civil War or Season Unending), then your housecarl will still call you thane but you will be unable to use your status to avoid being arrested by the guards until it is reinstated.

How do you start the Shadowfoot sanctum quest?

This short quest will start when you talk to Vekel the Man in The Ragged Flagon, an underground tavern located in the Ratway beneath Riften, and purchase Shadowfoot Sanctum for 7,500 gold.

How much does Shadowfoot sanctum cost?

The Shadowfoot Sanctum costs 400-credits and is a thief themed sewer hideout that functions as a player home.

Where can I find the Riften warehouse?

The Riften Warehouse is located outside the city walls of Riften on the docks. It is home to Riften’s underground skooma operations led by Sarthis.

How do you unlock the Riften warehouse in skooma?

Riften Warehouse. The warehouse is inaccessible before the quest: The Raid, as the door is locked and requires a key. Upon entering you will be spotted and will have to deal with the skooma dealer and his bodyguard. Once you’ve dealt with them, you can explore.

How do I deal with sarthis in Riften?

The current jarl in Riften will acknowledge Sarthis and his illegal operations. However, the dealer has informants in the town guard because he disappears every time they raid the warehouse. Perhaps, an outsider may be able to surprise Sarthis in the warehouse, and “‘convince’ him to close down his operation”.

Is there a city under Riften?

It also contains the entrance to The Ratway, the city under the city. The Ragged Flagon Cistern. Riften is notorious for being the home of the Thieves Guild, and residents urge travelers away from the sprawling tunnel system.