Who played flute in Titanic song?

Who played flute in Titanic song?

Here’s the moment a soprano performed the iconic flute solo from James Horner’s stirring score to Titanic, with her voice alone… and all in one breath. Lauren Paley, also known as the ‘Stairwell Siren’, is a musical Internet sensation whose performances all take place within an echoing stairwell.

What flute is used in My Heart Will Go On?

The Tin Whistle
The Tin Whistle is beautifully featured in the international sensation “My Heart Will Go On” in the movie Titanic. From Wikipedia, James Horner (composer of many famous movies including Braveheart) composed the music.

What is the instrument in the Titanic song?

Titanic Main Song There are only three main instruments in this piece – flutes, bagpipes and pianos as it captures the mood and emotions between the two lovers on board the Titanic ship. This mean that the song has a polyphonic texture as it the melody is played by two or more instruments.

What is the wind instrument in my heart will go on instrumental?

It contains heavy emphasis on the instrumental arranging. Usage of Tin Whistle is prominent, backed by melodic use of strings and rhythm guitars.

Is Enya in Titanic?

Enya’s part Last year we got some insight from Enya on why she declined to participate on “Titanic” in a Wall Street Journal interview: “I was sent a script and they were actually working with some of my music as they were filming.

Who sang Titanic soundtrack?

James Horner
Titanic: Music from the Motion Picture/Artists
Director James Cameron originally intended Enya to compose the music. After she politely declined, he approached James Horner. Horner composed the soundtrack having in mind Enya’s style. He had tried 25 or 30 singers and, in the end, he chose Norwegian singer Sissel to perform the wordless vocals on the soundtrack.

What flute is Hobbits?

> The instrument is most definitely an irish whistle, tuned to the key of D. Re: Flute or Irish Whistle on Concerning Hobbits?

Why did Celine Dion sing My Heart Will Go On?

‘Titanic’: Celine Dion Recorded ‘My Heart Will Go On’ in Secret Because James Cameron Did Not Want It in the Movie. Directed by James Cameron and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, Titanic became one of the biggest films in movie history. For Titanic, Celine Dion recorded the song “My Heart Will Go On.”

Who sang the Titanic?

Titanic: Music from the Motion Picture/Artists