What literary devices are used in the short story The Lottery?

What literary devices are used in the short story The Lottery?

The literary devices Jackson uses to support the theme of ‘The Lottery’ are irony, foreshadowing, and pacing.

What is the analysis of The Lottery?

Regardless of which interpretation you favor, “The Lottery” is, at its core, a story about the human capacity for violence, especially when that violence is couched in an appeal to tradition or social order.

What literary theory is The Lottery?

Marxist Theory Elements of socialism, classism, and capitalism can be found in “The Lottery”. In the story, Mr. Summers was the main proprietor of the lottery, “it was then taken to the safe of Mr. Summers’ coal company and locked up until Mr.

How does Shirley Jackson use diction in the lottery?

Shirley Jackson’s short story “The Lottery” uses specific word choice to convey an apprehensive tone since the words foreshadow fear. For instance, Jackson uses negative words throughout the story such as “fussing” and “hesitated”(28, 33).

Which literary element does the lottery most effectively use to develop the theme?

Therefore, Shirley Jackson develops her theme that people blindly follow traditions even if imorally wrong in her short story, “The Lottery”, through the use of irony, symbolism, and allusion.

How is The Lottery a satire?

The use of Satire/Irony within literature establishes situations where the unlikelihood of the occurrence of an event will happen. Jackson’s manipulation of his story, The Lottery, provides an unexpected twist to what one may seem to be a normal subject.

What is the context of the lottery?

The social and political context of “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson is small-town American life in the mid-20th century. This horrifying short story can be seen as a critique of the mindless conformity and unthinking attachment to tradition that became especially prominent during the early stages of the Cold War.

What is the Marxist criticism?

Marxist Criticism is. a research method, a type of textual research, that literary critics use to interpret texts. a genre of discourse employed by literary critics used to share the results of their interpretive efforts.

How is imagery used in the lottery?

Imagery is used through foreshadowing, description of the black box, and the killing of the lottery’s winner.

What is the tone in the lottery?

Deadpan, Detached, Calm.

What are some examples of irony in the short story The Lottery?

The plot as a whole in “The Lottery” is filled with ironic twists. The whole idea of a lottery is to win something, and the reader is led to believe that the winner will receive some prize, when in actuality they will be stoned to death by the rest of the villagers.

What type of Satire is The Lottery?