What is IOZone in linux?

What is IOZone in linux?

IOzone is a filesystem benchmark tool. The benchmark generates and measures a variety of file operations. Iozone has been ported to many machines and runs under many operating systems.

What does IOZone do?

Download and Install IOZone Iozone is an open source file system benchmarking utility.

How do you graph an IOZone output?

How to Generate graph of IOZone output

  1. a Data range used.
  2. In the chart wizard, selected line(c) and line type-> smooth(d)(its your choice what kind of chart you want)
  3. Select e to define the data range.
  4. Select the data range f which gets reflected in g.
  5. Graph takes its form.
  6. No need to fiddle with data ranges and data series.

How long does Bonnie ++ take to run?

The Bonnie++ process took 50 sec of the 88 sec and a big chunk of this, 27 sec, was spent waiting off cpu. I struggle somewhat in this interpretation but I do know from the Analytics data on the server that the network is seeing 100 MB/sec of data flowing in each direction.

How do I run IOR benchmark?

Benchmark Execution

  1. Login to one of the compute nodes as the benchmark user.
  2. Create a host file for the mpirun command, containing the list of Lustre clients that will be used for the benchmark.
  3. Run a quick test using mpirun to launch the benchmark and verify that the environment is set up correctly.

What is record size in Iozone?

reclen or record length is the size of the chunks that iozone breaks a file into before performing an I/O operation (R/W) on the disk. For example if there is a 1MB file and reclen is 256KB then the file is divided into 4 chunks of 256KB each and each of these 256 KB is written/read during one IO Operation .

What is IOR benchmark?

IOR (Interleaved or Random) is a commonly used file system benchmarking application particularly well-suited for evaluating the performance of parallel file systems. The software is most commonly distributed in source code form and normally needs to be compiled on the target platform.

What is Mpirun command?

The mpirun command controls several aspects of program execution in Open MPI. When you issue the mpirun command, you specify the name of the hostfile or host list on the command line; otherwise, mpirun executes all the copies of the program on the local host, in round-robin sequence by CPU slot.

What is Reclen?