What electorate means?

What electorate means?

Electorate may refer to: The people who are eligible to vote in an election, especially their number e.g. the term size of (the) electorate. The dominion of a Prince-elector in the Holy Roman Empire until 1806. An electoral district or constituency, the geographic area of a particular election.

What is a name for an electorate in Australia?

In Australia, electoral districts for the Australian House of Representatives are called divisions or more commonly referred to as electorates or seats. There are currently 151 single-member electorates for the Australian House of Representatives.

How are Australian electorates determined?

In order to determine these divisions, the Electoral Commissioner ascertains a quota of electors for each State and Territory by dividing the number of electors in the State or Territory by the number of Members to be chosen in that State or Territory.

How many electorates are there in Australia?

This could be at any time during the 3-year term. There are 151 members elected to the House of Representatives—one for each of Australia’s 151 electorates . There is approximately the same number of voters in each electorate.

What is the best definition of electorate?

Definition of electorate 1 : the territory, jurisdiction, or dignity of a German elector. 2 : a body of people entitled to vote.

What is another name for electorate?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for electorate, like: voters, voter, those casting ballots, chooser, registered voters, elector, body politic, meps, constituency, optant and conservative-party.

What are the divisions of Australia called?

Australia has a number of political divisions that include New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, and Tasmania.

What is the biggest electorate in Australia?

At 1,629,858 km2 (64 per cent of the landmass of Western Australia), Durack is the largest electorate in Australia by land area, the largest constituency in the world that practices compulsory voting, and the third largest single-member electorate in the world after Nunavut in Canada and Alaska in the United States.

What is the smallest electorate in Australia?

At 32 square kilometres (12 sq mi), it is Australia’s smallest electorate, located in the inner-southern Sydney metropolitan area, including parts of the inner-west.

What is communal electorate system?

– By embracing the idea of ‘separate electorate,’ it introduced a system of communal representation for Muslims. Under this, only Muslim voters should elect Muslim members. Therefore, the ‘legalized communalism’ Act and Lord Minto became known as the Communal Electorate Father.

What is the antonym of electorate?

Antonyms. straight ticket split ticket noncitizen uninitiate poor people timid rich. vote voter citizenry people constituency.

What is the best synonym for electorate?

synonyms for electorate

  • constituency.
  • voter.
  • body politic.
  • registered voters.