What are 170 degree hinges for?

What are 170 degree hinges for?

The unique design allows the hinge to open at a 170° angle. Designed to be used in applications where the door sits in front of the carcass of the cabinet. The larger opening angle of this hinge means the door can fold almost flat against the adjacent door allowing much wider access into the cabinet.

How do you identify Blum hinges?

Distinguishing feature of BLUMOTION for doors You will find the Blum logo embossed on the housing of clip-on BLUMOTION.

How much do Blum hinges cost?

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How do you adjust a Blum 170 degree face hinge?

Mount the doors by clipping the hinge arms onto the mounting plates. All measurements are in millimeters. Turning this screw clockwise adjusts the door down; counterclockwise, up. Turning this screw clockwise adjusts the door inward; counterclockwise, outward.

Are Blum hinges interchangeable?

Yes, you can easily swap out the hinges. You just need to get face frame mount + the correct overlay.

How do you measure for face hinges?

This is measured on the hinged side of the door. Apply a piece of tape to the frame of the cabinet on the hinged side of the door so that it even with the edge of the door. Open the cabinet door and measure from the edge of the tape (inside edge) to the edge of the opening of the cabinet. This is the overlay.

What degree hinge do I need?

This is the angle that the door opens out from the cupboard – the most common opening angles are between 95° – 110°. Or they may be larger, up to 170° for corner units, or smaller 40/50° for half doors that close into a corner.

Where are Blum hinges made?

Blum is an international manufacturer of furniture hardware. It is a family-owned company based in Höchst, a municipality in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg. Production facilities are mainly located in Austria, but the company also has production plants in the United States, in Poland and in Brazil.

How much weight can a Blum hinge hold?

As a rule of thumb each hinge has a weight loading of 3.5KG each. To achieve good stability, hinges should be spaced out as far as possible.

How much adjustment do Blum hinges have?

There are 3 adjustments, in/out, up/down, and right/left. This allows for a perfect fit and alignment.