Is Gracias a noun or verb?

Is Gracias a noun or verb?

Diving deeper… The noun gracias is plural and feminine, so any adjective used with it must also be plural and feminine. Mucho is singular and masculine.

Do you say gracias with usted?

15. Gracias a ti/a usted (thank you)

How do you use Agradecer?

The verb for the action of thanking or being grateful is agradecer, and it’s paired with different prepositions, depending on usage. To say that you’re grateful to someone (for something they’ve done), you’ll say agradecido con. Estoy muy agradecida contigo por todo lo que has hecho por mí últimamente.

What is the word Gracias?

Definition of gracias : thanks : thank you.

What do you answer to Gracias?

The response to gracias that you’re most likely to use or hear is de nada (you’re welcome), or you could say, if appropriate, a tí (thank you). For greater emphasis you can use no hay de qué (don’t mention it).

Does Gracias mean Grace?

Does Gracias mean Grace? The most common use of the word in Spanish is in its plural form, gracias, the usual way of saying “thank you.” In English, this meaning of “grace” is present primarily when used to refer to a prayer of thanks said before a meal.

How do you say thank you in Mexico?

Gracias is used just like “thank you” in English. But, there will be occasions when you will wish to express gratitude in a more polite and obvious manner, and then you should use the expression muchas gracias.

How do Cubans say thanks?

The most basic way to thank in Spanish is by saying gracias (thanks). For all occasions, you could also say: Muchas gracias, which means ‘thanks a lot’ or ‘thank you very much’ Muchísimas gracias, which means ‘thanks a lot’ or ‘thank you very very much’

How do you spell Agradecer?


  1. to be grateful for something. appreciate; → agradecer;
  2. express gratitude or appreciation to someone. thank; → agradecer;

How do you conjugate Agradecer?

Using the chart below you can learn how to conjugate the Spanish verb agradecer in Present tense….Mode: Indicative.

Personal Pronoun Conjugation
Yo agradezco
Tu agradeces
El/Ella agradece
Nosotros agradecemos

Where is gracias from?

Etymology. The words are derived from the Latin word gratus, which had meanings such as “pleasing,” “beloved,” “agreeable” and “favorable.” The English word became part of English by way of Old French.

What does Muchas gracias?

Filters. (Spanglish, US) Eye dialect spelling of muchas gracias.: thank you very much.