Is ceroc the same as modern jive?

Is ceroc the same as modern jive?

There isn’t much difference. The dance is modern jive. Ceroc is an international organisation comprising national and local branches. When most people say modern jive, they can be referring to the dance, or independent companies teaching modern jive.

What are the movements of jive?

The basic steps for jive are based on a simple six beat sequence: 1-2-3-a-4-5-a-6. The count begins with the rock step (left foot step back, right foot in place), followed by the two triple steps (chasse) that are counted: 3-a-4, 5-a-6.

Who owns Ceroc?

In 1998 James Cronin registered Ceroc as a trademark and started to sell Ceroc franchises around the country. In the early 2000s Cronin sold Ceroc Enterprises to Mike Ellard the current owner.

Is jive difficult?

While there are many more complex movements in jive, some of which incorporate spinning or flipping the female dance partner, the basic movement is a well controlled, 6-count foot pattern that is actually easy to practice and eventually master.

Is jive hard to learn?

Jive is easy because the footwork ( at beginner level at least) is easier than say salsa. Every beat is danced (unlike Salsa) and so there is no concept of “resting” on certain beats, and finally there are many more opportunities to practice than there are for other dance forms.

What is French jive?

Modern Jive is a dance style derived from swing, Lindy Hop, rock and roll, salsa and others, the main difference being the simplification of footwork by removing syncopation such as chasse. The term “French Jive” is occasionally used instead, reflecting the origins of the style, as is the term “Smooth Jive”.

How many basic steps does Jive have?

Both the East Coast swing and basic jive consist of two triple steps and a rock step. The jive differs in that the count begins with the rock step, which is counted “1, 2.” The two triple steps are counted “3 and 4” and “5 and 6.” In competition, it is danced at 176 beats per minute.

What should I wear to ceroc?

Anything goes…casual wear or smart dress. As long as you feel comfortable, it really is up to you! As for shoes, wear something that will allow you to move freely on the dance floor – we recommend leather soled shoes and encourage you to avoid anything too grippy, like sports trainers.