How do I upgrade my ship in Star Trek Online?

How do I upgrade my ship in Star Trek Online?

First, you must be level 50 and at a starship selector NPC on a ground map. When browsing your starships you’ll notice that qualifying Tier 5 ships will now have an upgrade button on the starship’s inventory screen. Pressing this button will prompt you to pay a Zen cost (or possibly require an item with a Zen cost).

How do you get better ships in Star Trek Online?

To get new ships, just keep leveling up. Every 10 levels (until level 50) you’ll get a choice of a new ship. You’ll also get access to more powerful gear (you get 2 more “marks” of gear each rank.

How do you use upgrade tokens in an experimental ship?

Experimental Upgrades can be applied by visiting any Ship Selector location, which are found in most starbases and social zones, and will make use of a new token called “Experimental Starship Upgrade Tokens.” These tokens will be found in numerous places throughout Star Trek Online, allowing captains multiple methods …

How do I upgrade my starship?

Players will first need to acquire upgrades for their ship by buying them at the store or building them. Buying them is as easy as going to a store at a space station or speaking to another pilot to trade with them. Players can also acquire blueprints that will need specific components to build.

What is the best faction in Star Trek Online?

The Best Faction If you love the ship design from the early days of Star Trek, then TOS Starfleet is your best bet. The classic saucer design of these ships brings up a great deal of nostalgia that fans will appreciate.

How do you get T6 ships in STO?

All that said, your options are:

  1. Build up dilithium by playing the game, convert it to Zen in the dilithium exchange, and just buy a ship as normal.
  2. Alternately you can buy a fleet version of a T6 ship from the fleet store.

What is the max level in Star Trek Online?

level 65
The current maximum level (also referred to as the level cap) is level 65, corresponding to the ranks of Fleet Admiral and Dahar Master for Federation/Romulan/Klingon players, and Honored First for Jem’Hadar.

How are starships earned in Star Trek Online?

One starship is granted each tier as the character levels via a Rank-Up Ship Token given at levels 10, 20, and 30. Further ships can be purchased for Dilithium and one ship can be earned via a mission reward. Refit ships are available at shipyards where they can be purchased for Dilithium .

What kind of ship do you get when you become Lt.Commander?

Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Your first ship is a light cruiser. You have no choice there. Once you are promoted to Lt. Commander at level 11 (after Lt.10) you can purchase your next ship.

How to find a new Star Trek ship?

Exept it doesen’t appear in the “Assets” page. Yea go to the Ship Selector Officer and you will see a list of all your ships. Select the new ship and at the bottom press “ready starship”…you will notice then a symbol of a starship appear by the name of your new ship which means that ship is ready for you to use. Hope this helps you.

When do you get promoted to Lt Commander?

Once you are promoted to Lt. Commander at level 11 (after Lt.10) you can purchase your next ship. # Cruisers: Most versatile, but least maneuverable. Largest crew (repair rates, boarding parties, etc), most energy, most device slots (like a potion quick-bar), most hull strength, and most weapon slots.