How big was Barry Word?

How big was Barry Word?

He is the next Christian Okoye. Not as big at a mere 239 pounds, but faster to the corners, just as bruising up the middle and uninjured. With Okoye slowed by a shoulder injury, Word stepped into the Chiefs one- back running game this season and plowed some fresh ground.

How old is Barry Word?

57 years (January 17, 1964)
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Who is the best running back in Chiefs history?

Jamaal Charles

Rk Player Yds
1 Jamaal Charles 7260
2 Priest Holmes 6070
3 Larry Johnson 6015

Who replaced Priest Holmes?

Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson (2003-09) Drafted 27th overall in 2003 out of Penn State, Johnson was to replace Priest Holmes (who was 30) at some point and had to wait a bit for his turn. Larry Johnson received only 20 carries as a rookie and split times with Holmes in 2004, rushing 120 times for 581 yards and five touchdowns.

Who has the most rushing yards in Chiefs history?

The statistic shows Kansas City Chiefs players with the most rushing yards in franchise history. Jamaal Charles is the career rushing leader of the Kansas City Chiefs with 7,260 yards.

What does Priest Holmes do now?

Since retiring from the NFL in 2007, Priest is once again calling San Antonio home and has become one of the city’s most active philanthropists.

What ended Priest Holmes career?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. Injuries have caused Holmes, the Chiefs’ career rushing leader, to cut short his past two seasons. But he has shown flashes of his old self while rushing for 451 yards and six touchdowns on 119 carries.

Who leads Chiefs in rushing?

Jamaal Charles is the Kansas City Chiefs career leader in rushing yards with 7,260. Players active with the Kansas City Chiefs during the 2020 NFL season are listed in bold….Ranked by Rushing Yards.

1. J. Charles
39. J. Kinney
40. P. Mahomes
41. T. Brown
42. C. Edwards-Helaire

What was the Chiefs highest score?

105 points
With 105 points, the game was the highest-scoring game in the history of Monday Night Football, bettering a 48–47 Green Bay Packers victory over the Washington Redskins in 1983. It was also the third-highest total score in NFL history.

How long did Priest Holmes play for the Chiefs?

Priest Holmes

No. 26, 33, 31
Undrafted: 1997
Career history
Baltimore Ravens (1997–2000) Kansas City Chiefs (2001–2007)
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What college did Priest Holmes attend?

The University of Texas at Austin
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Where is Priest Holmes now?