Who is the biggest boy band in the UK?

Who is the biggest boy band in the UK?

Best-selling boy bands

Name Nationality Years active
One Direction United Kingdom/Ireland 2010–2016 (6 years; on hiatus)
*NSYNC United States 1995–2002 (7 years)
Boyz II Men United States 1988–present (31 years)
Take That United Kingdom 1990–1996, 2005–present (20 years)

What boy band was in the 90s?

1. *NSYNC. The kings, emperors, sheikhs, lords – call them what you will – *NSYNC take the crown for the world’s most popular, most famous ’90s boy band.

Which boyband is best?

Without further ado, here’s our list of Top 10 Boy Bands!

  • One Direction.
  • BTS.
  • The Jackson 5.
  • Jonas Brothers.
  • New Kids on the Block.
  • Boyz II Men.
  • 5 Seconds of Summer.
  • Big Time Rush. You can’t think of this quartet without hearing those melodic “Oh, oh, oh, ooooooh’s” in your head.

What is the most popular British boy band of the 90s?

1.Take That – popular 90s British Boy Band Possibly one of the most remembered British Boy Bands is Take That, who sew much success with a string of hit singles and albums in the mid-1990s.

Who is the youngest boy band in the UK?

McFly – youngest British boy band ever! Another well-known offering into the arena of British Boy Bands was the group McFly. Named after the character Marty McFly in the popular movie Back to the Future. After landing a record contract in 2004 they started their own record label in 2007.

What happened to this British boy band?

This British Boy Band had a string of 16 successful hits and 3 number one albums up until 2004. By 2005 the band had taken a break to pursue other interests and announced to fans that they would return to the pop scene in 2009. It never happened and fans had to wait until 2011 for the boy band to reunite.

Are take that the best British boy band of all time?

Often imitated but never beaten, Take That are the finest boy band of their generation and deserve to be recognised amongst the best British groups of all time. rom influential motown groups to 90s R&B heavyweights and pop-punk pin ups, boy bands have created some of the best-loved music of all time.