What size are Durex condoms?

What size are Durex condoms?

Condom Size Chart

Brand Size
Durex Extra Sensitive Width: 2″/51 mm Head Width: 2.13″/54 mm Length: 7.5″/191 mm
Sensis Width: 2″/51 mm Length: 7.5″/191 mm
Trustex Chocolate Flavored Width: 2″/51 mm Length: 8.1″/206 mm
Durex Sensation Durex Fetherlite Ultra Width: 2.05″/52 mm Length: 7.01″/178 mm

How long is the expiry date on Durex condoms?

In general, most latex and polyurethane condoms will have an expiration date of about five years past the manufacture date, says Deborah Arrindell, vice president of health policy for the American Sexual Health Association.

What is Durex used for?

Durex massage and play sensual is a 2-in-1 massage gel and personal lubricant designed as a gentle full body massage gel that absorbs into skin with a non-greasy feel and as a personal lubricant in more intimate areas to enhance the sensual experience for you and your partner.

Does Durex lube have an expiry date?

While not every lubricant is stamped with a sell-by date, their shelf life generally ranges from one to three years, according to testing data from the Food and Drug Administration.

Is Durex condoms for small size?

No Small Size in 2019 You should know that all the Durex condom sizes are not available in every market. This condom is categorized in many online stores as a smaller condom and is ideal for men who are average or slightly below average.

What is Durex Love?

Durex Love 6 Condoms are transparent condoms made of natural rubber latex, extra lubricated with silicone, and designed to be easy and quick to put on. Their Pleasure-Fit contoured shape with reservoir and their standard fineness allows for more comfort. Their smell is pleasant thanks to their manufacturing process.

What’s the expiry date on condoms?

Why do Condoms Expire?

Condom Type Est. Shelf Life*
Latex, no spermicide Up to 5 years
Polyurethane, no spermicide Up to 5 years
Latex or polyurethane with spermicide Up to 3 years
Polyisoprene (a type of artificial rubber) Up to 3 years

Do expired condoms cause infections?

It’s not a good idea to use an expired condom because expired condoms are more likely to break, which can result in pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Where do you apply Durex play gel?

Just flip the non-drip cap, squeeze gently and smooth the lube onto your intimate areas and all over your body. And when you need more, just help yourself. You can use Play™ massage 2in1 with all Durex condoms – just smooth over the outside of the condom when it’s already on.

Is Lube okay to use after expiry?

“There aren’t too many ingredients that really expire in lubricant, but there is a theoretical risk for certain ingredients (like Nonoxynol-9, a spermicide) to go bad.” It’s better to be safe than sorry, so if the expiration date on the bottle has passed, or you notice anything different about the lubricant — like a …

How long do unopened condoms last?

Condoms are perishable. With proper storage, male condoms remain effective for three years to five years, depending on the manufacturer and according to national policy. Female condoms have a shelf life of five years.