What do student midwives need?

What do student midwives need?

You will need to buy a notebook, black shoes, a fob watch (silicone is best, for infection control reasons), red and black biros, one good midwifery textbook to start out, and a good midwifery study space with stationary, including coloured pens or pencils.

What does a student midwife do?

A midwife’s job is to be the lead professional looking after a woman through an uncomplicated pregnancy, birth and afterwards. Most women don’t see a doctor other than their GP through the whole process.

How many hours is midwifery placement?

As part of the criteria for registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), all Nursing students on a three year programme must complete a minimum of 2300 hours of practice/placement hours.

Is a midwife worth it?

A midwife can be a great choice if your pregnancy is deemed low risk. This care provider is ideal for women who want a more holistic approach to pregnancy and recommendations (and encouragement) for nonmedical interventions to deal with the aches and pains of pregnancy as well as labor and delivery.

What is midwife salary?

The average salary for a midwife is £42,175 per year in London.

How much do midwives make an hour?

How Much Do Nurse Midwife Jobs Pay per Hour?

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $133,000 $64
75th Percentile $117,500 $56
Average $98,455 $47
25th Percentile $80,000 $38

Is 40 too old to train as a midwife?

There are no upper age restrictions, so it is never too late to start. There is a national shortage of midwives so now is the perfect time to begin your online Access to HE Diploma (Midwifery). This article gives you an overview of what it takes to become a midwife, and how to get there with no A-levels.

Do student midwives get holidays?

Midwifery students have no extra time off placement for Bank holidays. They are expected to work 37.5 hours during weeks that include bank holidays and may negotiate to take the bank holiday as one of their days off in that week or negotiate to take some of their planned study time during that week.

How many placements do student nurses do?

How many hours of placement does the NMC require from student nurses? The NMC requires student nurses to complete 2300 hours of clinical placement while training (NMC, 2019), however it is up to the individual universities to decide how this should be included.