What is LIC nivesh Plus plan?

What is LIC nivesh Plus plan?

LIC Nivesh Plus is a single Premium unit-linked policy that offers the ability to increase your money and to have life cover. This plan gives you the option of selecting the sort of Sum Insured at the start, as well as investing the premium in one of four different types of investment funds.

What is the maximum maturity age in LIC nivesh plus?

85 years
LIC Nivesh Plus Policy: Eligibility

Minimum entry age 90 days-70 years
Policy tenure 10-35 years
Premium Minimum 1 lakh and no maximum limit
Lock-in period 5 years
Max maturity age 85 years

What is Bima Nivesh?

Bima Nivesh 2005, a value-added offering by LIC, is a short-term insurance plan that provides liquidity and safety, along with attractive returns. This scheme, which can be availed for either 5 years or 10 years, also offers compound rate for guaranteed and loyalty additions.

What is the minimum premium under nivesh Plus plan?

Rs 1, 00,000
The premiums for LIC Nivesh Plus Policy are to be paid as single premiums compulsorily. The minimum premium is Rs 1, 00,000 and all premiums are payable in multiples of Rs. 10000 only. There is no limit to the maximum premium a policyholder wishes to pay.

What is the maximum age at entry for nivesh Plus plan under different options?

Eligibility Criteria in LIC Nivesh Plus Plan

Criteria Minimum Maximum
Policy Term Option 1 Option 2 (Entry Age upto 25) Option 2 (Entry Age 26-30) Option 2 (Entry Age 31-35) 10 years 10 years 10 years 10 years 25 years 25 years 20 years 10 years
Premiums Rs. 1,00,000 No limit

Can I buy LIC insurance policy online?

Now, you can buy LIC policies online in a few clicks and also enjoy special benefits on offer. The LIC official website explains: “For a customer who is comfortable using the internet and has some experience of having made an online purchase, buying life insurance online is an easy and a logical option.

How can I check my LIC value?

Your Branch: Your Branch will be able to tell you the exact value of your policy. Please contact your nearest LIC Branch. Your Agent: Your agent has all the information about your policy, consider contacting them. Customer Care: Call LIC Customer care and ask about your policy NAV and current value.

What are the best ULIP products in India?

Best ULIP Plans in India 2021

Plan Names Entry Age Minimum Premium
Bajaj Allianz Future Gain 1 to 60 years Rs. 25,000
Bajaj Goal Assure 0 years (30 days) to 60 years Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 36,000
Birla Sun Life Wealth Assure ULIP Plan 30 days-65 years Rs.1,00,000 per annum
Canara HSBC Grow Smart Plan 7 years-65 years Rs.25,000 per annum

Who is the owner of LIC?

Ministry of Finance , Government of India
Life Insurance Corporation

Yogakshemam Vahamyaham
Type Statutory Corporation established by an Act of Parliament- LIC Act 1956
Total assets ₹380,400,000 lakh (US$510 billion) (2021)
Owner Ministry of Finance , Government of India
Number of employees 114,000 (2020)

Why LIC premium is high?

Life insurers are regulated by the IRDA and have strict capital norms. Claim settlement ratio is definitely helping LIC price its premiums much higher than private sector insurers. However the difference in premium is too large to be ignored and it’s not as if private insurers do not settle claims at all.

How can I know my LIC premium amount?

How to Check LIC Policy Details Online?

  1. Step 1: Go to the official LIC website, fill in your credentials like username and password.
  2. Step 2: Login to your account and select the option ‘View Enrolled Policies’.
  3. Step 3: You will be directed to a page where you can see all the listed enrolled policies.

How can I check my LIC policy without registration?

The Life Insurance Corporation of India provides an SMS number. It can be used to verify the status of a policy without having to register. You need to SMS ASKLICSTAT to 56767877 from your registered phone number. Certain official and government procedures require proof of an individual’s existence.