What is ironic about the name of the high school in Speak?

What is ironic about the name of the high school in Speak?

Merryweather High is an ironic name for a school attended by Melinda. The name conjures up images of sunny skies and carefree summer days. But there’s nothing remotely carefree or sunny about Melinda’s life; quite the opposite.

Did Melinda get raped in the book Speak?

Her parents and guidance counselor try to get her to open up about her poor academic performance, but Melinda refuses to speak to them. However, over many months of painful silence and self-harm in the form of lip- and nail-biting, Melinda finally admits to herself that Andy Evans raped her at the party last summer.

How does Mr Freeman helped Melinda find her voice?

Melinda’s free-spirited, kind, warm art teacher, Mr. He tells his students to use art to express their emotions, and helps Melinda to once again find her voice by forcing her to focus on a single subject—a tree—over the entire year. …

Why does Merryweather High School keep changing mascots?

4th Change Yet again the mascot changes at Merryweather High from the Wombats to the Hornets. The Principle decided that the Wombat costume would be too expensive and would take away from the prom fund.

What class does Melinda consider her sanctuary?

art class
Freeman a name; his name already connotes her feelings toward him. Already Melinda sees art class as “free” space, a sanctuary from the rest of her life, and Mr. Freeman nurtures that feeling in her.

Who pushed Melinda down the bleachers?

Melinda’s ex-best friend pushes her down the bleachers. Melinda’s family has very little communication.

How does Andy Evans help Melinda find her voice?

A third example of Melinda beginning to find her voice takes place when she writes, “Guys to Stay Away From . . . Andy Evans” in a bathroom stall. Rather, as Melinda’s freshman year begins, she understands that she is on her own and that there not much she can do to avert that reality, forcing her to find her voice.

Why does Melinda see herself as a bunny rabbit?

Why do you think Melinda compares herself to a bunny rabbit when she encounters Andy Evans on the street? Melinda’s behavior is rabbit like because she is quiet and watchful. She bolts quickly from danger.

Who is the only teacher Melinda does not nickname?

Melinda does not give nicknames to everybody she comes in contact with, though. She only gives nicknames to people that she does not like or respect. Her English teacher, for example, is called Hairwoman. Another character that Melinda doesn’t feel is worthy of calling by name is the Guidance Counselor.

What do Ivy and Melinda talk about in the bathroom?

In art class one day, Ivy accidentally gets marking-pen ink on Melinda’s shirt. Melinda removes her shirt and while Ivy scrubs it, Melinda stands in a toilet stall reading graffiti on the walls. She asks Ivy why she said Andy Evans was a creep, and Ivy says she has heard he will sleep with anyone.