What does Chelonia mean?

What does Chelonia mean?

Chelonia. an order of reptiles, including the tortoises and turtles, peculiar in having a part of the vertebrae, ribs, and sternum united with the dermal plates so as to form a firm shell.

Where did the word love originate from?

Comes from the Middle English word luf, derived from the Old English word “lufu.” This is akin to Old High German, “luba,” and another Old English word, lēof, which means ‘dear’. A deep and tender feeling of affection for or attachment or devotion to a person or persons.

What is the definition for testudines?

nounWord forms: plural -dines (-dɪˌniːz) a form of shelter used by the ancient Roman Army for protection against attack from above, consisting either of a mobile arched structure or of overlapping shields held by the soldiers over their heads.

What is a Chelonian called?

A turtle. Unlike all other living reptiles, the skulls of chelonians lack temporal openings, which is characteristic of the earliest known reptiles (called anapsids). Chelonians evolved during the late Permian or Triassic Period and have changed little since.

What is a Chelonian religion?

The Chelonian is a religious cult featured in Red Dead Redemption 2. The Chelonian is a cult that worships turtles. They believe in a utopian society which they call Chelonia, and believe that the only way to be truly safe from the evils of current-day America is to dedicate everything to the cult.

What is the meaning of Squamata?

: an order of reptiles comprising the snakes and lizards and sometimes the extinct Pythonomorpha.

What means frangible?

: readily or easily broken.

Is Chelonia a real religion?

Chelonia is a fictitious religion and religious cult featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Is Chelonia an order?

Chelonian has multiple, interrelated meanings: Chelonia, the order uniting all turtles with the “proto-turtle” Australochelys. Genus of sea turtle of which the green sea turtle is the only extant member.

Is Chelonian a real religion?

It is a religion of safety… a religion made by a god who understood what life is. Chelonia is a fictitious religion and religious cult featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.

How did the name Chelonia come to be?

Chelonia is based on the Greek word for turtles, χελώνη chelone; Greek χέλυς chelys “tortoise” is also used in the formation of scientific names of chelonians. Testudines, on the other hand, is based on the Latin word for tortoise, testudo.

What’s the origin of the word’love’?

To fall in love is attested from early 15c.; to be in love with (someone) is from c. 1500. To make love is from 1570s in the sense “pay amorous attention to;” as a euphemism for “have sex,” it is attested from c. 1950. Love affair “a particular experience of love” is from 1590s.

What kind of shell does a chelonian egg have?

Chelonian eggs may be leathery or parchment-shelled that indent easily when laid and expand due to water uptake during incubation; harder-shelled but expansible eggs which behave much like parchment eggs during incubation; and brittle-shelled eggs which do not indent when laid and usually take up little or no external water…