How many movies has Kevin Smith directed?

How many movies has Kevin Smith directed?

Smith has directed thirteen feature films since 1994; he was the screenwriter for all but one of them, Cop Out (2010).

What is the order of the Kevin Smith movies?

Every Single Kevin Smith/View Askewniverse Movie (In Chronological Order)

  • 4 Clerks II (2006)
  • 5 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)
  • 6 Clerks: The Animated Series (2000 – 2001) and The Flying Car (2002)
  • 7 Dogma (1999)
  • 8 Chasing Amy (1997)
  • 9 Clerks (1994) and Clerks: The Lost Scene (2004)
  • 10 Mallrats (1995)

What was Kevin Smith’s last movie?

Kevin Smith is an American screenwriter, actor, film producer, and director. The following is a filmography chronicling his work….Film.

Year 2019
Title Jay and Silent Bob Reboot
Credited as Director Yes
Writer Yes
Editor Yes

Where is Jason Mewes from?

Highlands, NJ
Jason Mewes/Place of birth

Who plays Guy LaPointe in Tusk?

Johnny DeppYoga Hosers
Guy LaPointe/Played by

What was the first Jay and Silent Bob movie?

Clerks, released in 1994, is the first film to feature Jay and Silent Bob. In the View Askewniverse continuity, it takes place the day after Mallrats.

Where was Chasing Amy filmed?

Kevin Smith’s pan-sexual love story is set, like his earlier Clerks and Mallrats, on the western tip of the New Jersey coast, around Red Bank, Leonardo and Asbury Park, with just a glimpse of Manhattan. The apartment of Holden and Banky (Ben Affleck and Jason Lee) is 30 Broad Street, Red Bank, above Jack’s Music Shop.

How many movies have Jay and Silent Bob been in?


Film U.S. release date Producer(s)
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back August 24, 2001 Scott Mosier
Clerks II July 21, 2006
Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie! April 20, 2013 Jason Mewes and Jordan Monsanto
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot October 15, 2019 Jordan Monsanto and Liz Destro

What movies has Kevin Smith directed?

Smith also directed and produced films such as the buddy cop action comedy Cop Out, as well as the horror film Red State. Outside of film, Smith has worked in various capacities on several television series. Smith also participates in Q&A sessions that have routinely been filmed for DVD release, beginning with An Evening with Kevin Smith.

Is Kevin Smith the actor dead?

Leading New Zealand actor Kevin Smith has died in a Beijing hospital after he was critically injured in a fall. His agent, Robert Bruce, confirmed that the 38-year-old actor had died. “I received a call from Kevin’s family to say that he passed away in his sleep. “It’s a shock to us all, and a major shock to the family.

Who is Kevin Smith film director?

Kevin Patrick Smith (born August 2, 1970) is an American screenwriter, writer, film director, actor and comic book writer. He is also the founder of View Askew Productions along with Scott Mosier .

Is Kevin Smith in the NFL?

Player stats at Kevin Ryan Smith (born December 17, 1986) is a former American football running back. He played college football for the University of Central Florida (UCF), and received consensus All-American honors. Smith was picked by the Detroit Lions in the third round of the 2008 NFL Draft, and played for the Lions for five seasons.