How do I connect my Testo 550 to Bluetooth?

How do I connect my Testo 550 to Bluetooth?

Bluetooth Activation 2. Once the app is running, turn on the testo 550. 3. Press and hold the UP and DOWN arrow simultaneously to activate Bluetooth.

How do you zero out a Testo 550?

Zeroing the pressure sensors Zero the pressure sensors before every measurement. ✓ All connections must be pressureless (ambient pressure). > Press key [P=0] and execute zeroing.

Can you pull a vacuum with Testo 550?

Can I measure vacuum with the Testo 550? a. While the 550 can be used during the evacuation process, and the 550 will indicate vacuum more accurately than a standard compound gauge, it does not have the resolution of a micron gauge.

Are Testo gauges good?

REVIEW: Testo 557 Digital Refrigeration gauge with vacuum probe, 4-way valve, data logging and Bluetooth Supported. Digital Gauges are great for technicians as they offer excellent accuracy. They can perform multiple tests and calculate and also log results all at once.

How do I turn on Bluetooth on Testo 557?

1. Connect the pipe clamp probes to the testo 557 prior to powering it up. 2. Press the power button [ ] to turn the testo 557 on.

Does Testo 549 measure microns?

Answer: Yes, it’s the one in the middle; it doesn’t have a micron gauge, but you can still use it to vacuum the AC system.

Can you pull a vacuum with Testo smart probes?

The testo 550/557 digital manifolds. The testo Smart Probe Air Conditioning Set is fast & efficient for air conditioning system testing as it is wireless, and hoseless. This means no-refrigerant-loss pressure testing. Full system service with 2 & 4 valve manifolds for charging and vacuum for evacuation.

Where are Testo gauges made?

Testo North America (Instrumentation Division) is located in Sparta, NJ. Testo’s first product manufactured was a simple electronic thermometer.

Does Testo 557 micron gauge?

The testo 557 measures vacuum with a barometric pressure compensated relative pressure sensor. The sensor is limited as it has a 500 micron resolution, but it does provide an adequate indication of vacuum for most users.

What do you need to know about Testo 550?

The testo 550 is a digital manifold for maintenance and servicing work at refrigeration systems and heat pumps. It must only be used by qualified authorized personnel. The testo 550 replaces mechanical manifolds, thermometers and pressure/temperature tables by means of its functions.

Where can I find the testo smart probes app?

The testo Smart Probes App is available free of charge in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. On every Smart Probe package, you will find a QR code which links you directly to the correct store: Which Android / iOS version is supported? iOS 8.3 / Android 4.3 or newer; Bluetooth 4.0.

Can a testo 549i be connected to a pressure connection?

A direct connection of the testo 549i to the pressure connection is usually possible.