Are arrow speed tyres any good?

Are arrow speed tyres any good?

Manufactured in Korea, Arrowspeed tyres are as durable as they are affordable, performing far above customer expectations for a budget tyre. With tyre test results comparable to the leading tyre brands, Arrowspeed tyres provide good handling in a range of conditions and boast exceptional wet braking.

Who makes Arrowspeed?

the Goodyear group of tyre companies
Arrowspeed are produced by the Goodyear group of tyre companies in Japan and have seen themselves become the favoured budget brand of one of the U.K’s longest standing tyre fitters, Kwik – Fit.

How good are Nexen tyres?

Where Nexen really excels is creating a great all season tire. They have extremely high tread life, very low road noise, and surprisingly good performance in snowy conditions. We’d recommend these models for the majority of consumers, as their snow options are only going to be needed in the most extreme climates.

How long do budget tyres last?

A new set of tyres should last a minimum or 20,000 miles, however cheaper quality tyres may not last that long. The important thing you need to do is keep an eye on tread depth and any other signs of damage.

How much does it cost to fit a new tyre?

We’ve found the average price for the fitting and balancing of a new tyre throughout the UK is around £17.00 per tyre (plus the cost of the tyre you choose).

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How much does it cost to fit a new TYRE?

Are cheap tyres a false economy?

Some people therefore consider buying cheap tyres to be a false economy. There are also suggestions from some quarters that budget tyres don’t last for as many miles before they need to be replaced; so you’re actually worse off than if you buy a more expensive one.

Where can I buy arrowspeed tyres for my car?

Arrowspeed Tyres are available to order online in a range of tyre sizes for cars and vans.

Who is the manufacturer of Kwik-Fit arrowspeed tyres?

I know that Kwik-Fit’s “Arrowspeed” tyres are manufactured by Nexen. I have run Nexen tyres before and found them to be a decent mid-range tyre, and they’re made by a Korean firm which is inherently more reassuring than the small private Chinese companies that make most budget products.

Which is the best site for tyre reviews?

Welcome to Tyre Reviews Tyre Reviews is the leading source of independant tyre information in the world. Every year, Tyre Reviews conducts detailed summer, all season and winter tyre tests, which can be found in the tyre test section

Is the arrowspeed CP661 the same tyre as KF?

Kwik-Fit are doing the Arrowspeed CP661 for £57, with cashback/vouchers etc available, which seems good value to be honest (never thought I’d say that about KF I have to say). But does anyone know if these are really the same tyre or is it just the same tread with an inferior compound? (Prices quoted for 205 55 16).