Where did Jason Rothenberg go to college?

Where did Jason Rothenberg go to college?

Jason Rothenberg was born in Detroit and spent his growing up years in a West Bloomfield suburb. He studied ‘communication’ from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Where is Jason Rothenberg from?

Detroit, Michigan, United States
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Who plays Jason in the 100?

Ricky Whittle
Occupation Actor
Years active 2002–present
Agent Gersh
Known for Hollyoaks Single Ladies Mistresses The 100 American Gods

Who wrote the 100?

Jason Rothenberg
Charmaine DeGratéKim Shumway
The 100/Writers

Was the 100 a Netflix original?

Broadcast. In Canada, Season 1 of The 100 was licensed exclusively to Netflix. The series premiered on March 20, 2014, the day after the mid-season premiere of Season 1 on the CW. In the UK and Ireland, The 100 premiered on E4 on July 7, 2014.

Who created Lost?

Lost was created by Jeffrey Lieber, J. J. Abrams, and Damon Lindelof, who share story writing credits for the pilot episode, which Abrams directed. Throughout the show’s run, Lindelof and Carlton Cuse served as showrunners and head writers, working together with many other executive producers and writers.

Why did Lexa leave The 100?

“[For] everyone on board, Lexa was a character that we created together and collaborated on and were fond of.” She said the reason she couldn’t remain on The 100 was due to her commitments on Fear The Walking Dead on which she plays Alicia Clark.

Why did Lincoln leave The 100?

Lincoln was killed off on The 100 after actor Ricky Whittle left due to a reduced role and toxic environment with show creator Jason Rothenberg. After being a regular character on The 100, Lincoln was killed off in season 3 because actor Ricky Whittle refused to continue working with showrunner Jason Rothenberg.

Why did Lincoln get killed off the 100?

Why did Lincoln leave the 100?

Who is Jason Rothenberg and what is body politic?

Jason Rothenberg is an American television producer and writer, known for his work on The CW television series The 100. In 2009 The CW ordered a pilot to Jason Rothenberg and Bill Robinson’s long-in-the-works drama about a group of young Washington, D.C. staffers titled Body Politic.

How old is Jason Rothenberg from the 100?

On 10th March 1967, Jason Rothenberg took birth in Detroit, Michigan, United States. He belongs to American nationality though he is from American-white ethnicity. Subsequently, he is from Christianity religion. Analogously, Pisces is his zodiac sign and white is his race.

Where did Jason Rothenberg get his first job?

Rothenberg started his career in Hollywood as an assistant. He was the production assistant for the video, Original Intent, and for the French film, “American Cuisine” in 1992 and 1998 respectively. He was hired as the production office coordinator for the film, “Julien Donkey-Boy” in 1999.