Is WD TV any good?

Is WD TV any good?

The Good. The WD TV plays back pretty much any file format you can throw at it, including MKV, AVI, and MP4 video. Huge HD video files played smoothly without any hiccups. Its native app selection includes 80 choices, such as YouTube, Hulu Plus, Spotify, and Pandora.


The WD TV Live media player connects to your high-speed Internet connection wirelessly, no PC required. Or use the Ethernet port to connect to your wired home network.

What is WD Live TV?

WD Live Overview The WD TV Live HD Media Player from Western Digital is a digital media player for TVs or HDTVs. It can be used to play back video, audio, and pictures over your home network or from any USB hard drive or storage device. * It can access data from any networked computer or USB hard drive.

How do I update my WD TV?

Just connect your WD TV Live Plus to an Internet connection and the WD TV Live Plus will automatically check and notify you a new firmware is available for update at the Home menu. Confirm the action and your WD TV Live Plus will be automatically updated.

Is the WD TV a reliable way to play video?

For media hoarders looking for a reliable way to play back video on the big screen, however, the WD TV is tailor-made. Version information: Western Digital has released numerous similarly named products over the years, most recently the WD TV Play in 2013. This review refers to the 2014 version, called simply “WD TV Media Player.”

How big is the WD TV play?

The WD TV Play is a petite plastic box measuring 1 by 4.1 by 4.1 inches (HWD) and weighing just 4.9 ounces, making it only slightly bigger than the tiny Roku 3 and Apple TV. Around back, there’s a USB port for local storage, along with an Ethernet port and composite video, HDMI, and digital audio outputs.

What services does the WD TV have preloaded?

Plenty of audio services are upfront with Pandora, SiriusXM, and Spotify preloaded as favorites. Video services include CinemaNow, Hulu Plus, Vudu and YouTube. To access your local content, there are icons for Music, Photos and Videos. Unlike its predecessor, the WD TV Play, the WD TV drops support for Netflix, which is an odd move.

Is WD TV the VLC for your TV?

If you’re familiar with VLC Media Player, the jack-of-all-trades, open-source video playback software popular among more tech-savvy PC and Mac users, then just think of WD TV as VLC for your TV. If you’ve never heard of VLC, then you probably don’t have a collection of media files you’d like to play on your TV, and the WD TV probably isn’t for you.