How do I link in BBCode?

How do I link in BBCode?

Type an URL and mark the text, use then the BBCode button for URL and you are done. P.S.: Hold down the CTRL key when clicking a link.

How do I add an image to BBCode?

  1. First, download the image and upload it to a photo-sharing site like Imgur (
  2. After you upload the image, copy the BBcode image link (click here to see a BBcode link).
  3. After you copy the BBcode image link, paste it anywhere you can post on MyAnimeList.

How do I resize an image in BBCode?

Re: Resize Image BBCode You can keep the default IMG thing, add the height and width attributes so users can specify the dimensions, and modify the BBCode’s template to add those attributes to the element.

What is BBCode for a link?

BBCode is a sort of simple syntax that you can use to format your entries with bold text, links, and more. BBCode can be used in your entry fields when you create an entry or when you leave a comment. It cannot normally be used in a Template.

Is HTML a BBCode?

BBCode (bulletin board code) is a collection of formatting tags that are used to format users’ posts in the Scratch Forums and the Text Based Games Forums. BBCode is based on the same principle as, and is similar to, HTML. It can be used for things such as colored text, underlined text, pictures, and links.

What does an image URL look like?

An image URL acts in much the same way; it’s the internet address of an image found on a web page. In most cases, the image URL will end with PNG, JPG, BMP, or JPG, all specific image formats. Some image URLs may go with the web page URL, but often that is not the case.

How do I turn on the URL?

How to turn on URL when you don’t have that choice in settings

  1. Go to your app list/application manager.
  2. Then open the Messages app under “All”
  3. Hit the three-squares button.
  4. And hit Settings.
  5. Put a tick on Connect to URL to enable this function.

How do I center BBCode?

Centering text on the screen with bbcode is done with the [center] tag.

How to post an image with BBCode tags?

Using the [img] bbcode tag you can easily post images on any site that support bbcode. This page shows how. To find out more about the bbcode tags used on this page, please go to the bbcode tags reference page .

How to create an URL in phpBB BBCode?

phpBB BBCode supports a number of ways of creating URIs (Uniform Resource Indicators) better known as URLs. The first of these uses the [url=]url]&] tag, whatever you type after the = sign will cause the contents of that tag to act as a URL. For example to link to you could use:

What kind of formatting is used in BBCode?

All formatting used within [code] [/code] tags is retained when you later view it. BBCode supports two types of lists, unordered and ordered. They are essentially the same as their HTML equivalents. An unordered list outputs each item in your list sequentially one after the other indenting each with a bullet character.

How does the second method work in BBCode?

The second method allows you to blindly quote something. To utilise this enclose the text in [quote] [/quote] tags. When you view the message it will simply show the text within a quotation block. All formatting used within [code] [/code] tags is retained when you later view it. BBCode supports two types of lists, unordered and ordered.