Can I still shop with Delta SkyMiles?

Can I still shop with Delta SkyMiles?

Anyone who has registered with the Delta Air Lines SkyMiles® Program and is a current program member is eligible to shop and earn miles through SkyMiles® Shopping. When you shop through SkyMiles® Shopping you can: Earn miles while shopping.

What does 5000 Delta miles get you?

Each Delta mile is worth 1 cent, and the tickets are treated as cash tickets, so you’ll earn miles and elite status credit when you fly. You can redeem your Delta miles in increments of 5,000 miles, and partial payments are allowed. So 5,000 miles = $50, 10,000 miles = $100, etc.

How much is 80000 Delta SkyMiles worth?

At a valuation of 1.3 cents per mile, the 80,000 mile one-way business class award from Los Angeles to Sydney would cost you ~$1,000, which is a heck of a value. Business class between the US and Europe on Virgin Atlantic would cost you ~$800. Those are, of course, just two examples.

How many Delta SkyMiles do I need for a domestic flight?

4,500 SkyMiles

Delta SkyMiles by the numbers
Airline alliance SkyTeam
Airline lounges Delta Sky Clubs, located at 36 U.S. airports. Access to 790-plus airline lounges across all SkyTeam partners.
Number of miles needed for a free flight Domestic flights start at 4,500 SkyMiles
Delta SkyMiles value 1.3 cents per mile

What does 60000 SkyMiles get you?

If you consistently get 2+ cents per mile on Delta award flights, a 60,000 mile sign-up bonus is worth at least $1,200!

What can you do with Delta SkyMiles?

The Delta SkyMiles program is a frequent flier program that allows Delta customers to accumulate miles to be used towards various rewards. SkyMiles can be used to book flights to U.S. and international destinations, but they can also be redeemed on the program’s website for rewards other than flights.

Can you purchase Delta SkyMiles?

Delta allows you to buy miles to reach a certain level or transfer miles you’ve built up to another SkyMiles member. You can also buy miles to use as a gift for someone else. Access these services through the Delta Airlines website or with a SkyMiles representative over the phone.

What’s the difference between Delta SkyMiles and MQMs?

Delta SkyMiles.

  • and are based on the actual distance flown.
  • Medallion Qualifying Segments (MQSs) Every takeoff and landing will give a SkyMiles member one qualifying segment.
  • What to do with your Delta SkyMiles?

    What to Do With 5,000 or Fewer Delta SkyMiles Book A Cheap Award Ticket. One of the most frustrating aspects of the SkyMiles program is that Delta hasn’t published award charts since 2015. Shop on the SkyMiles Marketplace. Redeem for Magazine Subscriptions. Buy Premium Drinks in Delta Sky Clubs. Donate Your SkyMiles to Charity. Earn More Miles. Bottom Line.