Are incrediball and Annabelle hydrangeas the same?

Are incrediball and Annabelle hydrangeas the same?

Like the Annabelle hydrangea, it is hardy and flowers on new wood, but Incrediball has stronger branches and bigger flower heads than the Annabelle. The cultivar name is ‘Abetwo,’ while “Incrediball”—notably, not “incredible”—is a trademark name. Incrediball hydrangeas are plants that attract butterflies.

Is incrediball better than Annabelle?

Flower Color and Size Incrediball is equally as reliable and hardy, but its flowers are even bigger than ‘Annabelle’ – on a mature plant in ideal conditions, we’ve seen them reach the size of basketballs! In terms of color, both are similar, starting out green, opening to white, and then aging to a nice jade green.

Does incrediball hydrangea flop?

Watering Incrediball Hydrangea from above is discouraged as the water can weigh down the enormous flowers and cause the stems to flop over. Not good! Water the soil at the base of the plant (not the foliage). Their leaves may droop during hot, dry spells, but they won’t be the first plants to die during a drought.

What is the difference between Hydrangea Annabelle and Annabelle strong?

Established 5 Litre Hydrangea Arborescens Incrediball ‘Strong Annabelle’ : This is a relatively new introduction to the Hydrangea family whilst closely related to the more well-known Hydrangea Annabelle, what makes this plant different is the sturdy upright stems that hold the huge flower heads in place as it matures …

Why do Annabelle hydrangeas fall over?

Hydrangeas may fall over after heavy rains, during excessive bloom production, or if there are heavy winds. Likewise, some hydrangeas simply have softer stems, so they’re more likely to flop over compared to other hydrangeas.

Can incrediball hydrangeas take full sun?

Incrediball Hydrangea Care Plant these in a location that receives partial to full sun, or at least 4-6 hours of sunlight per day. It prefers moist, but well drained soil.

How do you care for a strong Annabelle Hydrangea?

Grow Hydrangea aborescens ‘Annabelle’ in moist but well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. Plants are nominally very hardy but late frosts can damage the buds, so grow them in a sheltered corner or against a warm wall in cold gardens. Regular pruning keeps the naturally open plants dense and compact.

When should I prune strong Annabelle?


  1. Prune during mid March in warmer parts of the UK to mid April in cooler areas.
  2. Prune back stems, which have flowered to a healthy bud about 10cm / 4in below the flower.
  3. Cut out, as low as possible, any diseased or damaged stems.

What’s the difference between IncrediBALL and Annabelle hydrangeas?

The Incrediball hydrangea ( Hydrangea arborescens ‘Abetwo’ Incrediball) is a broadleaf, deciduous flowering shrub. Like the Annabelle hydrangea, it is hardy and flowers on new wood, but Incrediball has stronger branches and bigger flower heads than the Annabelle.

What was the original purpose of the IncrediBall Hydrangea plant?

Incrediball hydrangea plants were originally marketed as an improvement on the Annabelle hydrangea. Annabelle had been highly valued for its hardiness, the size of its flowers, and the fact that it blooms on new wood.

When does an incrediball Hydrangea start to bloom?

Super-sized flowers! Incrediball hydrangea will make you say WOW – it’s an improved version of the garden classic ‘Annabelle’ hydrangea, but with strong, sturdy stems that don’t flop over and extra-large blooms to boot. White flowers begin to appear in mid-summer and open to enormous snowballs, nearly the size of basketballs!

What’s the best way to plant an IncrediBALL Hydrangea?

Plant Incrediball hydrangea in your landscape and find out for yourself just how big, beautiful, and rewarding it can be. Top reasons to grow Incrediball hydrangea: Landscapes, naturalizing, hedges, perennial gardens. Also makes a very dramatic cut flower.